My June here and elsewhere

Monday, 30 June 2014

It has been quiet on the blog last week - I basically spent the week frogging knitting projects (too many mistakes I can cope with); spending time on a (free) crochet pattern that turned out wrong (and now I  am working out how it should be written from a picture); and generally sleeping a lot. All activities useful but nothing concrete to show, and can you believe it is already July, where did June go? Honestly I have no idea.

If you follow me on twitter and IG you may have noticed that I am getting very interested in ethical fashion and it is probably going to show in my review of this month. 

Small bag Pikolinos, Purse Veja; Bracelet and rings Made
- I am slowly changing my wardrobe and finding new brands which are respectful of their workers but also the environment - whilst being fashionable (some brands may appear in the pictures!)

- I have also found again shopping in thrift shops exciting - but I am getting pickier about which shops to go to.

Jar thrifted - original Totem Portmeirion 1963; Top Ekyog (this is the back of it)
 - I am now wondering whether there is a way to crochet a neon bag to copy this one. I am still looking, will update you on progress

- I have beads, I have thread, I could make these rings no problem, right? Maybe for July's le Challenge (the theme is small).

Shoes Pikolinos
- I am also having crochet nesting fantasies - with both the rug and the blanket!

- And the most useful tutorial goes to Lladybird who has me overcome my fear of cutting my fabric by ripping it (I know it sounds wrong but it totally works, and it is SO satisfying!)

- I may have also gone a bit World Cup crazy, and Baby MiH is learning a lot of new (useful) words ('Allez les gars'/'Come on guys', 'but'/'goal' ..). Guess we can only get crazier as France just qualified for the quarter finals.


  1. He is so gorgeous and getting big! Love these closet staples you have.

  2. Your little one is so cute!!! I'm with you guys, Allez les bleus.Watching the games in Spain where everyone lost interest is no fun :(
    And the pikolinos ballet flats in brown with the small heels are perfect, i'll be looking for them.
    Have a great July...

  3. Glad your sleeping lots! I love that jar! He is just so adorable, great shoes :)

  4. love the shoes, and the little one
    allez les gars as you say!