More of Stripes {In Search of Inspiration}

Friday, 23 May 2014

Maybe the inspiration for your Nettie? Picture link

Stripey stripes... Oh I love them and hate them (because of the idea deep into my conscious that stripes make you look fat - and well at the moment, this is the last thing I want to do!). I have ventured in wearing stripes recently - but not that much. However I am attracted by them, no doubt - they are so versatile.

Picture here
Stripes can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal - and then you can mixed it up all together. Such a simple shape, so many possibilities. 

DIY from Paper & Stitch

And let's talk about stripes and neon - I do love that idea... 

scarf from here and jumper from here
Or to add a vintage feel to your projects...
Painted staircase
Knitting pattern for these dishtowels
I now know I need more stripes in my life...


  1. I love that hammock shot and love stripes generally but have just the same reservations as you do (wearing them that is).

  2. WOW! So many points of inspiration! I love stripes! They're so classic. I would really like to make a Nettie in a stripe like the body suit in your first photo, but I'm not sure I can wear it as well as she does. :-D

  3. I love stripes, even if they aren't the most flattering pattern out there, I can't help myself. I will never stop wearing them!

  4. Don't buy into that entire "stripes make you look wider" thing. It's not totally true! It depends on the width of the stripes, your proportions, their placement, etc. This article makes that same argument:

    As a stripe fanatic (you can judge by yourself: ), I say you should indulge in them a little.

  5. I love stripes, even if they don't love me. I especially love Breton jumpers. Mind you, I like spots too

  6. Oh myyyyy, suc inviting stripey pictures you have chosen. I am especially fond of the stripes plus neon.

  7. I love stripes too! I enjoyed seeing all your stripy pictures. I especially like the cabin and the top with the neon cuffs :)