Cross-stitched Wrapping Paper | Tutorial

Friday, 20 December 2013

Or how to use your kraft paper.. I usually use the paper for sending parcels, but I had a lot spare from that one roll. So what do you do with it? We all know I love cross-stitching on different medium, but had not tried on kraft paper. But it is so obvious! What a great way to make your parcels look pretty, and personalise then; and add some (more) Christmas decoration in your house. 

Here is a quick tutorial. You will need kraft paper; a needle and some thread (I used the Anchor Mercer Crochet Thread No 10). 

Fold the paper as if you would wrap your present
Mark your cross-stitch pattern on squared paper - cut it out and stick with
masking tape on the area you want the motif to be. 
Mark the pattern with a needle

To make sure all the holes have been punched, I put it against the light
Ready to cross-stitched
Thread is hold double
And here it is...
in the corner of the parcel..
It took me about an hour to make one - I got the cross-stitched pattern wrong first. A bit time-consuming, but it is too pretty not to do it! And of course this is a Christmas themed version, but it could be done for any other occasion! How do you personalise your presents? 


  1. beautiful gift wrapping, would be difficult to rip open the present with such a fabulous wrapping!

  2. clever idea, sometimes tuck a little fircone or some such thing, but not this year, lucky they are wrapped. Happy Christmas to you and your family Nat

  3. Lovely tutorial Nat, thanks for sharing!

    Hope you and your family will have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2014!

  4. I'm very behind on my blogroll these days. I wish I had seen this in time to borrow your technique during the holidays! Cross stitch on your packages, how completely adorable!

  5. Wow! Thank you fot such a great idea! I'd try this some day ^^