Watercolours | Finished Beanie Hat {Knitting}

Friday, 8 November 2013

Me: 'Look at my new beanie hat'
Mr MiH (not looking up): 'Yeah yeahI know, it is really good, but I have seen it many times you know'
Me: 'Really, because I have just finished it and you have not seen it finished'
Mr MIH (finally looking up): 'What? you have finished it, but when?'

I like how Mr MiH is always surprised that I can finish projects - every time it is a revelation to him that I can start many projects AND finish (some of) them (not all, otherwise he may have a heart attack). 

Pattern: Framed Slouch by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: TFA Orange Label Cashmere/silk Worsted (in Mosaic)
Needles: DPNs 4 mm and 4.5 mm
Size: one size fits all

Modifications: None (needed to focus on the cable work), but if I were to knit it again I would knit the brim with even smaller needles so it is tighter. I would not want to lose this hat. Also I only had DPNs to knit it, and it was a bit of a nightmare - basically too many needles. I would buy circular needles, totally worth it, and would make it a much quicker knit. 

Result: The slouch is not too slouchy (some Ravelers have decided not to knit one repeat, I knitted the whole pattern and it is fine). I love the colours (should work with any outfit, hopefully), and the cable work is amazing, especially at the back. I think it would also look great in grey - here's a thought...   

Although you cannot get the pattern until next year, you should definitely think of getting a skein of this beautiful yarn. It is soft, not scratchy and a dream to work with. The colours will make any project interesting. I am just inspired by some of the colour combinations that you obtain throughout. I am not even sure how you end up with such colour on a skein - very clever. 

Looking quite scared - probably because it is
7am and I had 4 hours of sleep..
And my contribution to the knit 12 hats in one year!


  1. Your Framed Slouch is perfect! I love that last shot with the cup. A warm hat and a warm drink, perfect morning!

  2. I love this hat. Not sure I'm up to tackling that many cables, but it looks great - especially the color!

  3. I love the watercolor effect in that colorway. It and the pattern are a perfect match!

  4. It's a great hat and the yarn looks lovely. I think you need a grey one too!

  5. That is a great hat. I especially love the top view. I agree with you about DPNs. I just made a mitten with one and it was ok in the middle but joining the cast on round and the end decreasing were horrible. I think circular needles are much easier :)

  6. The colours do look wonderful together.

  7. Theose colours... Wow! I agree that this will be really gorgeous in grey as well!

  8. GORGEOUS! I love both the yarn and the pattern :)

  9. love the hat and you know what they say
    if you want to get ahead, get a hat

  10. It really is beautiful yarn, and this hat is lovely - the cablework is very attractive. Funny Mr MiH ;D

  11. Oh wow, that is really amazing yarn! Love all the colours in it, and it has made a really cute hat!