How to Sunday - How do you take and edit pictures {Photography}

Sunday, 10 November 2013

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I have been wanting to write a post about my pictures - because there are such a big part of this blog. I don't mind writing posts but I feel that I am never able to convey the message as well as with pictures. So my posts are loaded with pictures, especially tutorial ones. I should really be making videos - or at least explore this possibility - but with Baby MiH around it is not necessarily as simple as taking pictures here and there and posting them as a full story. 

I think this post will be great, if you were all to share your experience in the comment box as well, as I am sure I have a lot to learn, and any tips would be welcomed.

All geared up.. 

This is what is behind the scenes... 

My Canon EOS 450D was a birthday present from Mr MiH when I decided to enter the digital era in earnest a few years a go. Since then I added bits and pieces to my kit.

1. 70-300mm lens; 2. The camera with the typical 18-35mm lens;
3. 50mm lens;4. mini-tripod; 5.Polarizer
Surprisingly this is not the camera I use the most for the blog as it is bulky, it takes time to set up - because if you are going to get it out you may as well make all the right adjustments to get a good picture. But I love the close-up pictures it tajes, so it is usually used for finished projects, unless Mr MiH takes the pictures.. 

Then it is the Olympus XZ-1 all the way. This is not actually mine, but my present to Mr MiH for his birthday a couple of years ago (we are very creative when it comes to buying birthday presents). Most of the pictures on this blog are taken with this little camera. And they are nearly all taken with one of the 'scene' settings, I don't even bother changing the aperture, shutter speed, white balance.. No I trust this little camera to take the best picture possible. And it does. It is light, small, and easy to use - you can take it anywhere. A brilliant investment, except for close ups - then it is not really as good as the Canon. 

Finally the Iphone. You remember I made a case for an Iphone when I did not own one - that same weekend I got myself one and entered the world of Instagram. It is AMAZING! That editing software seems to be able to convert any ok pictures into amazing pictures - and the quality is so good I don't mind using them on the blog. 


I try to make as many adjustments as I can during the photoshoots. It is not always easy because the light may not be good - especially with shorter days, or the colours did not come out like they should. Because more and more pictures will be taken in the evenings from now on, I bought an external Flash - the Canon Speedlight 430EXII flash. And it will be my life-saver, for real. I cannot actually believe the quality of the light in the pictures.

I also edit all my pictures, through PicMonkey. I add the name of the blog at a very minimum, and then tinker with the brightness, saturation and temperature settings usually. 

The right angle

Taking the right picture is easy and hard. First of all it is very subjective, and I am never happy with the pictures I take in general - maybe one but not all of them. For a tutorial, it is easier because the aim is purely to show a technique. For a 'photoshoot', for a styling post for instance, we take many many many pictures and go through all of them to find the best ones - we take that many that we do get good ones eventually. 

I also have a 'photography inspiration' Pinterest board to collect images I like because of the angle, the detail they focus on. I am yet to manage to recreate any of these pictures but at least I have some sort of inspiration to work with. Of course, reading magazines and other blogs is inspirational too. 

I love this selfie picture found on Pinterest
So here we are nothing, fancy really. Yes I have the gear, but I don't use it that often - maybe now in the evening it will become necessary and this is what is going to make a real difference. 

So how do you do it? Do you take pictures with your phone and blog on the go (maybe not that easy when you have a craft blog)? Which editing software do you use - or you don't use one? I would love to hear your experiences. 


  1. Great post, Nat! I also like seeing informative behind-the-scenes posts like this. I've been thinking about doing a post sharing some of the things I've learned since getting a DSLR.
    My cell phone doesn't have a camera, so I only use my Canon DSLR. And I edit my photos with Photoshop CS2, which came out about eight years ago---a little outdated but gets the job done! Although I try to do my best to get the photo I want straight from the camera, I usually edit the contrast/levels/sharpness in Photoshop to get the right "feel" to the photo. At the very least, I always crop/resize my photos to be a more web-friendly size.

  2. I'll check up PicMonkey. I use Picasa. I do use my Nexus 4 some of the time b/c of laziness. I'm trying to use our Canon more but I need to experiment past auto.

  3. I have got really lazy, just taking iphone photos for all my blog posts! Maybe its time for a new camera! And I'm going to follow your pinterest board! That might inspire me some more!

  4. Thanks for th post Nat, it's good to see what people are using. I'm so lazy with my photos at the moment! Everything is taken on the iPhone, as my compacts just don't take great photos! But the husband has seen my browsing on John Lewis at Bridge Cameras and said he'll get me one for Christmas! Just got to find the right one!

  5. I've got a lovely Cannon with a kit lens and I still use my iphone for blog photos! I really do need to get my act together 0_o

  6. I love love love to work with images from my big fancy SLR rig. Sadly, I hardly ever drag it out. It is big and cumbersome and takes more time to set up the lens and all the manual settings. Sometimes taking a picture is just as much of a project as the project! Because time is so tight, I usually stick to my windows phone. I know they aren't the greatest high res amazing pictures, but they do the job at web size and are quick.

    I'm a photoshop user. Not sure how I'd live without it. :)

  7. I do not own any fancy equipment (at the moment)... Just a simple Canon and photoshop. The photoshop is mostly to crop, fix wonky angles (rotating and such), adjust brightness/contrast/exposure/colour balance and such. My Canon is from a rather old Powershot series, but being Canon its fantastic, especially for the macro pics I like. It is also small and compact. One day I might go for those fancy EOS like yours... So I would love to read more about your experience with the EOS. :)

  8. I enjoyed this post and the comments, Nat. I have a little samsung, which is easy to use but I find it very hard to get sharp photos with good colour. Recently, though, we bought a Nikon, which should be better so now I must learn how to use it! I edit a bit in iphoto and resize in preview. I find the photography so much more difficult than making things though! I really have to spend more time and effort on it...

  9. Great post Nat. I also love the portability of my little Nikon Coolpix. It is easier to carry everywhere. You have some great photography equipment. Your new toy (the speed light flash) is what I need to add to my kit. It is going to come handy this winter.

  10. Thanks for all the info. We have just bought a DSLR, but for now I just take them with my ipad mini as it is so quick.
    I find the photos are much clearer if I put them in Flickr first rather than using Blogpress App.....which is what I use for blogging when I'm out and about.