Making Christmas {In Search of Inspiration}

Friday, 18 October 2013

I may have to start collecting Xmas jumpers... 
Eadable Xmas ornament - a brilliant idea (love the Dala Horse gift tags)
A chocolate Christmas
A cross stitched Xmas. I need to make that star!
Or a red Christmas
And definitely a knitted one - do you remember my knitted xmas balls
Linking up to Making Christmas over at Janine's - what is your inspiration for Christmas? 



  1. Wonderful crafts. I love how the jumpers are styled. I think my niece will be the only one getting a handcrafted gift.

  2. Fabulous photos Nat, put me right in the Christmas mood

  3. All this pics of red and white Christmas decorations are so tempting! I wouldn´t say no to the linen heart with dots and the cross stiched holly twig either.
    Hm, I´m still in a fall mood for quilts (and need to finish some!) but those pics make me want to take out an old WIP with HST in linen and red.... Oh my...

  4. I want just about everything that you showed photos of.

  5. Such a gorgeous post, Nat! I'm so ready for Christmas, bring it on!!

  6. Love the stitchery! The edible Christmas ornaments will never make it to the tree, I am afraid!


  7. How inspirational! I especially love the edible ornaments... Better than keeping those cookies hidden away in a box! Now I really can't wait for Christmas to arrive and to see the crafts you are making for Christmas. Thanks for sharing these pics!

  8. That first picture just draws me in. How gorgeous!

  9. i love this post....really didnt want to be thinking about christmas but your post is very inspiring....did some christmas cross stitch last year and may have to start little time and so much to try.

  10. Oooo! These images give me the warm and fuzzies! I LOVE winter decor!

  11. These images make me long for the holidays - I know I shouldn't wish the time away but it is tempting. I tend to do my Christmas decorating in unconventional colours. I've done turquoise and gold before, but after taking some inspiration from the Dior trees at Printemps last year, I'm thinking of a pink and silver scheme this season :)