Foodie Boards

Thursday, 18 July 2013

It is way too hot to bake... but not too hot to peruse Pinterest food boards - and get inspired for future recipes. Here are 5 pinners/boards that inspire me to be in my kitchen (you can find my foodie board is here). 

  • A cup of mascarpone boards

Oh I could eat any of the pins on her different food boards - she has categorised her inspiration so meticulously that it is a joy to go through. My first favourite boards are curated by Carol from a cup of mascarpone.

  • Seasons and Suppers boards

Another great Pinterest foodie curator is Jennifer from Seasons and Suppers. She even participates in a vegan and vegetarian board - so useful, made me realise that I needed to widen my veggie repertoire!
  • Chompoo's boards

For world food as well as lovely cakes - check out Chompoo's boards. There are a lot of pins there (she does mention that she pins everyday) - again very well curated.  

  • Food on the wall board

I am partial to coffees - and especially to coffees that include little biscuits or chocolates, yes like in France, so the cafe hour board of Food on the wall is right up my street. 

  • Local milk board

Check out the little green tea souffles
Beth from the local milk blog shares the recipe she will make soon on her'make' board. You just wanted to be invited for dinner! 

Have you found food boards you love? I would love to share them with us!


  1. Ooh lovely inspiration...shall go check these boards!

  2. These are indeed some great boards! I don't follow a particular food one, but I may start with these!!!