Pull Isa - English version Part I {Knitting}

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I am still working on the Pull Isa - and getting to the crucial point of preparing the sleeves... I think I am going to modify the pattern here as well, but I am not sure how to go about it. However I want my final garment to be nearer to the original inspiration for this knit.

La Poule's version is much looser and of course less structured. I feel that my tighter version should have more structure - maybe including a raglan sleeves construction. Anyway it is all in the works at the moment. 

la Poule's version
I thought you would find useful the translation of La Poule's version. I am merely translating here - none of my modifications are included. It is how she has written it. This is only the first part - up to the sleeves. I will work on the second part for next week. 

What you need for a size EU38 (ultra loose)

·       5 skeins of Sweater Spud & Chloe (in Chipmunk) or 750m of a yarn of equivalent thickness
·       5.5 mm circular needles
·       Markers
·       A cable needle
·       A stitch holder

Stitches used:
·      Ribbing: 1x1
·      Cable on 8 stitches, every 10 rows – put 4 stitches on a stitch holder and keep them in front of your knit, knit 4 stitches, place stitches back on left needle and knit them.
·      Confetti stitch (beware you are on circular needles and therefore your purl row is in fact a knitted one) **

This is a bottom up knit, knitted in one piece up to the sleeves increase – then the jumper is knitted in two sections – the top front and the top back. The sleeves are attached by grafting. Neckline and sleeves are knitted afterwards – picking up stitches around the neckline and armholes.

She has not knitted one.


Body of the jumper:

CO184 stitches on 5.5 mm circular needles. Knit in the round (beware of not twisting your stitches). Place a marker to mark the start of the round. Place another marker half way through the row (92 stitches).

Knit 8 rows of 1x1 ribbing

Start the confetti stitch at the front and the back of the jumper, and place the cable stitch in the middle of the front.

On each side of the jumper, she added 2 bands of stockinette stitch of 3 stitches on each side that will structure the jumper. If you decide not to knit them, make sure you adjust the number of stitches.  

Set up row (after ribbing) 

K1, repeat 10 ** of the first row of the confetti stitch, p1, k8 (cable strip), p1, 10 reps ** of first row of confetti stitch, K1, slip marker, K2, 22 repetitions of ** of first row of confetti stitch, k2, slip marker.

The twist is placed at the centre front of the sweater, is surrounded by 1 purled stitch on each side, the rest of the body of the sweater is made up of the confetti stitch except the two stockinette bands on each side.

Knit for 41cm - from the bottom row- in repeating the 4 rows of the confetti stitch and making the cable stitch every 10 rows.

Armhole increases:

It is done over 4 rows (continue to follow the confetti and cable stitches)

First increase:
kfb, repeat ** 10 times of confetti stitch, p1, k8 (cable), p1, 10 reps ** of confetti stitch, kfb the stitch before the marker, slip marker , K1, kfb, 22 repetitions ** of confetti stitch, K1, kfb the last stitch, slip the marker

The next row is normal.  

Second increase: 
kfb, K1, repeat ** 10 times the confetti stitch, p, k8 end (cable), p1, 10 reps ** confetti stitch, K1, kfb, slip marker, k1, kfb, K1, 22 repetitions ** of confetti stitch, K1, kfb, K1, slip the marker

The next row is normal

It is an increase of 8 stitches - 4 sts at the front, 4 sts at the back.

The next part will be start by separating the body in two sections. Then you will start knitting the front whilst the back stitches are on a stitch holder.

Last week I talked about reading Pride and Prejudice... well I decided to watch Colin Firth instead... I can totally talk about Pride and Prejudice now - paid attention to the dialogue especially when Mr Darcy talks. 

Ah Mr Darcy... 


  1. It looks great, hope many knitters will use your pattern!

  2. Good for you for tackling that project . I have to admit, I need a pattern. I may have to rent that movie too. He's great

  3. Can't wait to see yours! I would have picked the movie over the book too. I want to try the audio book when I finsih up Harry Potter 3.

  4. Thanks for translating. Can't wait to see your completed Pull Isa!