Magician {Quilting}

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My May blocks are finished - in June, but this is a minor detail. I will be starting on the June ones next week, and I may even be on time! 

The card tutorial is here.

And I am working on a new project for the house. We have a temporary laundry basket for Baby MiH's clothes but it is getting a bit tired - and unfortunately it is not washable. 

Here is the current set up - or how we improve our 'throwing' skills
 I have received my low volume package as part of the swap organised by Kelly, and Kelly and Charlotte have kindly donated amazing dark blue fabrics for this project. Thank you so much girls, mwah mwah mwah! The purple fabric is a hand-dyed experiment. 

And here is the inspiration. 

Wish me luck!

Joining other WIPs at Freshly pieced. You can find more on the Pull Isa {Knitting} here

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  1. MiH will be living in style with her new laundry basket lol Amazing fabrics:)

  2. oooh - looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

  3. Cool! looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Gorgeous fabrics! Good luck!

  4. LOL at the current laundry basket. Will you have some kind of structure in the bag or it will just be a sturdy laundry bag to fill and all? The fabric's awesome. Love how many parts of baby's life is MIH.

  5. I was trying to work out what swap I had organised, till I clicked on the link! Happy making :)

  6. Baby MiH is even going to have a cool laundry basket!

  7. Such nice blocks and I totally agree with Susan! Great inspiration :)

  8. Gorgeous inspiration - I can't wait to see this! Hope all these amazing home dec ideas will be collated in to a cool book one day :)

  9. Ooh love those blues! Look forward to seeing how this turns out!