Do you want a tour? {Let's Get Acquainted}

Sunday 7 April 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to Made in Home! I am Nat and today I am your hostess with the mostess for let's get acquainted! Monday Link-up organised by the wonderful Beth. I thought it might be fun to give you a little tour of my house - and try to find the Made in Home projects scattered around as well as my vintage finds.  

Baby MiH hooded towel, his duffel coat, the baubles
 (for a future garland), his vintage concertina hanger and of course a penguin
In Baby MiH's room, les souris grises cushion and the vintage crochet cushion
Our coffee table an old trunk found in the Netherlands, the doily pattern is available for free

The painting was made by our guests at our wedding - hence its wackiness. 
Our bedroom: The Cherry House QAL quilt and
you will also find Winnowing
Found a Nancy Drew vintage book - had to buy following 
the Nancy Drew blog hop.Same crochet doily pattern as before
My drawer - remember the vintage headband, the swirling old gold beanie hat,
the orange sanguine  scarf and my wedding garter
The Olympics cross-stitch is framed and hung
A few MiH porjects here: the doily from this book, the Latte knitted blanket,
the Vintage blanket Cushions,
Jess's cushion, and a vintage Paris map
So what's next? No matter how many projects I have on the go, I know there is still another one I could be making. We need to rethink the entrance and make it more practical; Baby MiH is too big for his Moses basket, we now need to paint the cot (Granddad MiH one) and style it a bit; and bits and pieces here and there... 

And my Le Challenge project... I am getting there! Are you taking part? I have done a post on Le Challenge in 10 questions if you want to take part..  There will be a giveaway!

So there will be more knitting, more crochet, more sewing, and quilting and probably more DIY. Cannot wait!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

So now it is your turn! What have you been up to and what have you got planned!

Plum and June

Here are the rules for the link-up party:
  1. Link up any recent crafty post. 
  2. In your post or on your blog, please include either a text link or a button letting people know about this link up. 
  3. Visit at least the two bloggers who link up before you and everyone who visits you from this post. 
  4. When the link asks for your name, tell me what you are having for dinner. Tonight is Chili con Carne at home! It is going to make a great linking list (and may provide some inspiration for this week's menu). 

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  1. Oh how fab that you are this week's host - it's one of my favourite blog hops. Loved the tour - you have a beautiful home. Hope to link up tomorrow :)

  2. I really enjoyed the tour! Your house is awesome! Oh, and the cross-stitch looks amazing! Thanks for hosting.

  3. I loved your tour. The suitcase coffee table is my favourite!


  4. Thanks for showing us around. Your home looks very calming

  5. Always enjoy a house tour ; ) that coffee table is awesome.

  6. mmm chili con carne! my mom used to make that a lot when I was growing up--haven't had that in years! My family is quite dutch as in they moved to Canada shortly before I was born, so it's really neat seeing a European blog!

  7. Thank you for the tour! You have made some very lovely things :) I might have to make a doily or two now... Thanks for hosting the linky party this week! I will definitely be coming back!

  8. Hello Nat,

    Thank you for hosting the link up.

    I've gone mushy over Baby MiH's coat.

    I've got an old trunk like your coffee table. It's stuffed full of wool and is hidden in a cupboard somewhere...


  9. I've linked up yesterdays post :D

    You have a lovely home! Mine will never be that organised!

  10. Lovely tour! Isn't it wonderful to surround oneself with things we make and also things that have stories that come with them (I love vintage for this reason!). Thanks for sharing all your wonderful goodies.

  11. You have a charming and lovely home! Thanks for hosting! So fun to "meet" you.

  12. Awesome tour. That suitcase is gorgeous - your house is beautiful!

  13. Very nice home tour, you have a good eye for details:)

  14. Thanks for the tour! I'd love to link up, please can you tell me how I get hold of the button? Thanks.

  15. Fantastic tour Nat - it's so cool to see your many projects in your house! You have a lovely handmade home!

  16. I've linked up, but wasn't asked what I'm having for supper! Supper, will actually be Fish and lime curry and not Elizabeth–cannibalism isn't my idea of foodie heaven.

  17. Love, love love your home! Beautiful handmade things! This is a great idea for a post! I especially love the quilt over your bed and the cross stitch on the wall :)

  18. Thank you for hosting. You have a lovely home.

  19. You have so many adorable little details and touches of craft throughout your home! I really need to be better about incorporating the same into my own space. Wonderful tour. Thanks for sharing with us.


  20. Thanks for the tour, your home is lovely! And yes this is a great way to get ideas on what to make for dinner this week.

  21. Thanks for a lovely tour of your house. Love the pictures!

  22. Your home is lovely Nat, so warm and inviting. Thank you for the tour and for hosting.