The Tales of Two Rooms {Interior Design}

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not so long ago I mentioned that Mr MiH was building an office shed ( hobby room) in the garden so that Baby MiH could have his own room. Although the shed is not finished yet, we are starting to pack up for the move, and start decorating. 

Very tidy and not at all bursting with stuff
You can see why I need to de-stash - right - now. 

You have seen this corner quite a few times now, and this is probably the only thing that is going to remain as it is. 

I am now calling on your imagination and creativity. The 'shed' is very much work-in progress. Apparently we could not possibly get rid of the cherry tree to make the shed bigger for instance, and 'we' Mr MiH chose to build around it. 

The structure is in place, the roof should appear this weekend, I believe we have a door somewhere (probably in the garage) but no window as yet. And well you can see for yourself there is still a bit to do. But we are getting there - only 4 weeks and a half left before the due date, plenty of time, right!? 

Let's talk about things I am responsible for ahead of the arrival of the little one. Let me introduce you to his Moses basket, or to be precise Mr MiH's Moses basket. Hard to believe that the 6'2 man I married ever fitted in this. It is in really good condition, and has been awaiting all of this time to welcome the first grandchild of the family. 

To be honest I was worried when Mr MiH's Mum offered it to us - we don't have the same... taste in furniture - but I actually think it is lovely... until I saw the roundabout - check out the late 70s fabric (and accompanying smell). Yes so that has to go, anyway it does not fit so not sure whether it is the right one. Also the mattress has to go - rectangular in an oval shape basket, interesting... So that will be a spare mattress - once it has been thoroughly cleaned. 

So here we are: the next project on the long list of projects. Well all I can say is that it is really time for me to go on maternity leave (3 working days, THREE!!!!) - because I have things to get on with! 


  1. Enjoy your time off....before the arrival of chaos....loads of time to build a shed.

  2. Woo hoo for sheds and maternity leave, although tell your huubby to cut the bloody tree down ;-)

  3. the crib is beautiful. I'm sure you'll enjoy the next few weeks nesting and resting. x

  4. Baby MiH better not come early;) Everyone told me first time moms go over their due date. Not true...

  5. That's a beautiful bassinet. I kept my firstborn in one for about 2.5 months next to my bedside before switching her to the crib. It helps to have baby near esp when you're tired from the constant night feedings.

  6. Kelly's comment made me giggle. :D

    It sounds like really soon... 4 weeks?! I'd be freaking out. The maternity leave sounds great... Perfect for the last bit of preparations.

  7. Wow I hope the hobby room goes well! The tree really should have come down...mind you sometimes you need permission before you can take down trees.
    I'll take some of that fabric off your hands =P
    The basket is sweet I hope you manage to find the right things for it.

  8. these 4 weeks will fly by!! My little man decided to arrive 5 weeks early, so all those projects that I had planned....let's just say he's almot 5 years old now, and I never got around to doing them..hihihihi.

    The basket is lovely, and with a few tweaks will be perfect. I hope your little one is not prone to snoring! Mine was, and after 3 weeks I gave up and moved him into his own room, I could not sleep otherwise!

  9. Wow you guys are really busy! I have never seen a shed built around a tree like that - awesome idea! The moses basket is really sweet and I'm sure you will have it looking perfect in no time!

  10. That's a beautiful moses basket and I'm sure you'd make something gorgeous to spruce it up even more! Hope the shed will be ready before the due date and look forward to the reveal!

  11. Can there be anything more exciting? Blessings on your wee one. Lovely stash of yarn by the way.

  12. Love your shed - hobbyroom to be under/around the cherrytree, the basket is lovely and you sound quite bussy. But hurray for your maternity leave! :) Lovely stash of yarn, I agree with Carla.