Bring on November!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The heating is on again (well at least at my house), I am desperate to capture all the lovely shades of the trees, and although it is Halloween today, everyone is only thinking about one thing Christmas! It can only mean one thing - it is time to be done with October and move to November. Here is this month's roundup - it is a bumper edition. 

  • The ones you could do yourself!
Rachael at LOTS tells you how to make your very own DIY Leaf stencilled Vase with gilded pine cones! I think this can be easily adapted to whatever pattern you want so one to bookmark or a cool project for the kids. Everyone has got a boring vase somewhere in the back of the cupboard... time to get it out! 

I love jewellery and I found it really frustrating that everything is in boxes, I tend to always wear the same jewellery. A pair & a spare has got a solution though, a porcelain jewellery stand! Love the use of the egg cups! I must admit I do like this one because of the colour scheme she chose (blue and white - definitely me!). 
  • The ones with sewing tips
I read this blogspot and thought even I can do this - easy. I have not tried it (when you are the size of a whale like I am all you want are your jogpants, black if at all possible). Anyway Tilly and the buttons had a post on how to make an elasticated skirt and it looks so sweet with the block colour tights, that you too have to check it out! 

The Coletterie has great basic tutorial - totally adpated to my level (and you could use the tips as well for the elasticated skirt you are about to make hmmm hmmm). This month is the basic hand stitches tutorial - explaining the obscure names sometimes found on pattern. Whipstitch anyone? 

You may also need the blind hem tutorial posted to no big dill - which is full of pictures, so you cannot go wrong (still working on that skirt??). 
  • The one that will go against my de-stashing drive
No comment, you just have to see the Echino by Etsuko Furuya, Fall 2012, Cherry Sampler. Actually I do have a comment, is it me or this is very similar (save the little birdies) to the Marimekko Lumimarja?   
  • The freebie one
I don't have an iPhone - shock horror, how do I survive - well with a blackberry, and my phone is never on. But if I had an iPhone (or someone was to make me use theirs, wink wink Mr MiH) I would add one of these free iPhone backgrounds. It is designer and free - what more do you want? Oh an iPhone, no I did not find a post offering free iPhones.. 
  • The ones that will inspire me to knit more
Eskimimi is one of my favourite knitter, and when she decided to embellish her Puffin Apple Hat, I knew I had to share this with you. We have all followed a pattern, and it looks ok, but something is missing - here is some serious inspiration!

I am thinking sheep, I am thinking that if Blair from Atlantic-Pacific can get away with it, so can I (well not now and maybe not that many, but soon.. ), or do can Baby MiH (when do they start talking again, and saying no to silly jumpers?). 

  • The ones for quilters
You have to check out the Cross-Stitched Quilt block tutorial at Pile O Fabric - the blocks are perfect for some projects I have in mind for Christmas.. 

And to be honest you are going to lack inspiration after following the new seasonal blog hop organised by Kirsty at Quiet Play and Blossom Heart Quilts. 

A new book is going to hit the shelves soon a Quilting Life, a handmade home by Sherri of Quilting Life - and you need a Christmas present.. 

Now that you are all up to date with the October projects, let's bring on November!


  1. Oh this is a wonderful idea! Thanks for compiling all this wonderful goodness in one post! And for including me :)

  2. Thanks to the link to the cross stitch's great! Although I am not getting ready for Christmas quite yet here- we have our school year to get through yet!

  3. thanks for the links, will definitely check them out!

    congratulations on your Groove quilt being shortlisted and I've voted your's for the winning! Best of Luck!

  4. Wow. The jewelry stand is top of my to-do list for sure! Thank you for these wonderful and inspiring links!

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my book...and I am definitely going to visit the other suggested sites, too!

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