Nocturnal thinking {crochet}

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Just a quick update, I think I may have worked out the pattern for the magazine inspired crochet cushion cover. That was the only thing to do between 1am and 2am this morning. Mr MiH was asleep and so was Baby MiH - so instead of talking to myself or watching TV I decided to test an idea. 

And I really think we are getting there - based on the granny square but a bit simpler. I had to block the first panel (cushion cover is made up of 4) to assess the size (too big for my 40 cm x 40 cm cushion), work out in my head how the panels will be put together, and how I will deal with the interlining and backing.  But I am happy with progress so far. Will write a proper pattern for it once finished - and if I like it.  

Just in case you missed yesterday's post, this is the inspiration
Here we are on my way to save £40.00! As it happens I looked on the House of Fraser website and could not actually find the cushion cover, so if anyone sees it please could you send me a picture? 


  1. Very impressed that you got it so quickly!

  2. Lovely work! It takes some real skill to look at a finished product and be able to duplicate it. This will make a really expensive-looking pillow. Even though it's thrifty. :)

  3. How exciting! Very pretty too! Those 'eureka moments' are priceless. (:

  4. Hope that all goes to plan. How odd you couldn't find it on their website! =D

  5. Ooh... pretty block and can't wait to see the finished cover - it'll look fabulous for sure.

    Writing up the pattern for it sounds great too...look forward to it!

  6. This looks lovely, I love when I see something and am able to figure out how to make it myself for less.

    I've been doing more crocheting than sewing lately, but haven't been feeling up to blogging about any of it.

  7. Hello, I spotted your blog in the small blog meet of Lily's quilts and I thought that I could say hi.
    I think the thing you are doing are great, I had some nocturnal thinking yesterday night!
    I've just started a new blog