Row 17 {Knitting}

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Umaro is one of these patterns I had in my Ravelry favourites for - like - ever. I bought the yarn early in the year, ready and then I got pregnant and very sick - and I could not face it. Knitting is clearly back on the cards, and as the Cascade Yarns Lana Grande skeins are HUGE - and therefore taking a lot of space, it was time to get down to business. 

Had to make balls first, and Mr MiH - helpfully - made fun of me because my hands were too small for the balls I was making (I am knitted 2 threads at the same time)

 Pattern: Umaro by the talented Jared Flood (bought on line)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Lana Grande in Latte
Needle size: 10 mm (you know, there is no way I am doing that big a project with small needles)
Modification: Added one repeat to the chart because it will go to a king size bed

All was fine, actually this was much easier than what I expected (can I note that some knitters finished it in a week!!!) and stalled at Line 17 - officially my nemesis. I lost count of how many times I knitted it. I managed the line just before I had to rush out the door to make my Eurostar to Brussels on Tuesday! 

I am now back on it and things are looking better. I think I got confused by the fact that the icons for the right side are used on the wrong side - but I was supposed to make the switch in my head (thought I did not make it, but actually I had, so had to change back, then got confused and had to redo it again.. - one hell of an hour!).

But the bottom line is this Umaro needs to be finished because that would mean some serious de-stashing!


  1. Oh my, this is beautiful. I need to improve my knitting skills! You are really on a knitting kick these days! So inspiring!

  2. I love that pattern. I really want to make it, but I can't afford the yarn. Maybe I'll knit it in lighter yarn and make it into a baby blanket!

  3. this kind of knitting is something I haven't even thought about attempting yet! I love the colour of the yarn!

  4. UMARO!! I have the yarn sitting right THERE for it! Omigosh maybe I should make it! I am thinking of chickening out and doing something easier... though I managed a swatch ok....

    Love the look of yours !

  5. Since I can't knit well most of what your wrote makes no sense to me at all but that is one very pretty row :)

  6. Beautiful choice of pattern! I have had those moments when you knit a row over and over, and something keeps going wrong, and I commend you for your patience. It is going to look beautiful. Just imagine wrapping your little one in this blanket, and any " issues" you might have with the pattern will be worth it. Glad to see you are picking up the needles again.

  7. Love the colour and that's a gorgeous pattern. I've been there before unpicking the same row several times when I was working on my lace shawl, it was frustrating but well worth it at the end. Your blanket is coming along beautifully and can't wait to see it finished. How big will it be once completed?

  8. Oh, dear. Getting stuck on a particular row is always frustrating ... though I'm glad to hear that you managed to conquer row 17! Umaro will be gorgeous!

  9. I love that knitting! I suspect it's way beyond my skill level but that won't stop me adding it to my 'one day' list!