Winnowing {knitting}

Friday, 13 July 2012

I fell in love with the Winnowing pattern, published in Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Volume 2 as soon as I opened the file. I saw it and I knew I had to knit there and then. So I did and I don't regret it - it is a truly beautiful garment. Would I knit again? No, never. 

Winnowing is very cleverly constructed. How the border attaches to the main body of the shawl is genuinely amazing. I thought I was sewing rather than knitting. Also the use of twisted stitches creates an amazing texture. I did not modify anything. 


However that border took forever. In fact when I was at the 5th repeat of the pattern for the main body of the shawl I had already quite enough of it, but that border - it just would not end. And the pattern ate yarn. I was hoping to de-stash my Rowan Kidsilk Aura (shade is bark, no 759) bought at a sale a year or so ago (apparently discontinued one). But I had to keep buying more - I decided not to keep tabs on how many I bought in the end, way too depressing. 

Kidsilk and I are not the bestest of friends, so I knitted it with a sock yarn in a subtle teal colour (bought in Zurich, and cannot find my notes on this anymore) to add some structure to the knitted thread and interest to the colour of the shawl (the brown looked a bit dull on its own). I knitted it with 6 mm circular needles (ok this is my only modification). Also as you can imagine, this is not the easiest of shawl to block. 

It is in fact quite heavy - which will be wonderful in the winter. It is massive (because of my combination of yarn and the needle size I chose), perfect from my growing bump. And it is really original. A great pattern, if you have the stamina! 


  1. That looks awesome! Well done for sticking with it till the end and not giving up! =D

  2. Oh Nat this is SO stunning! Beautiful and so worth all that effort. So adorable wrapped around that little bump :)

  3. Nat, I'm so happy that you re-started blogging and the new website looks so nice and just perfect for you and your DIY projects! You look lovely wrapped in your warm creation and I hope to see more pictures of you...

  4. Nat, congrats! I have had a hard time lately keeping up with my favorite blogs, so I totally missed the big news! Winnowing looks beautiful! And so do you!

  5. Lovely! Nothing like a giant woolly wrap to keep warm. Though I have to admit that I took one look at that pattern and though it might just be too many stitches for me. I love your version!