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Thursday, 20 March 2014

It took a bit longer to actually blog about this. Baby MiH is teething (I cannot remember when he was not teething to be honest - any tips?) and apparently 3am is party time at ours now.

So hopefully we (you and me) can make sense of the notes I made when knitting Cee's beret. It is not guaranteed, but I will try my best. if you spot any mistakes - please share! 

The diametre of the beret is 26.5 cm 

Pattern: see below

Yarn: Tanis Fibre Arts Silk Mulberry in Silver Label Mulberry Silk (Boysenberry) (one skein) - the yarn is held double.

Needles: 4 mm circular and change to DPNs when needed
Size: Adult

CO: 110 stitches in the round (to join in the round, see my tutorial here) - remember the yarn is held double.
Beware not to twist the stitches

Brim: Work in twisted rib for 5 cm (ktbl, p)

Increase - set up rows

R1:* k2, m1* to end of row
R2: knit
R3: *k3, m1* to end of row

Then knit for another 10 cm


R1: *k3, k2tog* to end of row
R2-R14: knit
R15: *k2, k2tog* to end of row
R.15-R.28: knit
R29: *k1. k2tog* to end of row
R30-R36: knit
R37: k2tog
R38-44: knit
R.39: k2tog
R.40: k2tog
R.41: k2tog

Finally add an i-cord on a few rows (depending how long your loop wants to be)

And finally for the giveaway and a chance to make your own beret, oh yeah! You have the pattern and you could have the yarn to knit your own! How lucky are you? You could also knit Knitted Bliss pattern written especially for this skein!

You have 3 chances to enter the giveaway:

1. This giveaway is open to my followers only - old and new. 
Let me know how you follow my blog in the comment box.
2.Follow me on twitter, and tweet about the giveaway - and mention @noaslibellule
3. follow me on Instagram (natmadeinhome) and post the above picture
and come back to leave me a third comment

The giveaway ends Friday 28 March at 5pm (UK time). Please, please, please leave me a way to contact you if you are a no-reply blogger Good luck!


  1. I love how this best is styled. It has the right amount of slouch and drape. I plow you on your blog and on Instagram.

  2. So beautiful! I wear a headscarf and I think this is probably a hat style that might actually work to wear over it. I follow you on Bloglovin

  3. Gorgeous. What a beautiful hat! I looove the yarn - the colour is joyful!!!

  4. gorgeous beret - I love the colour especially! I follow you on bloglovin :-)

  5. I love this beret - what a happy color! I follow you on bloglovin'. Lisejackson000 at gmail dot com

  6. Hi, I'm following you via bloglovin. Love the yarn color!
    (Is this giveaway really until the 28th of November??!!) ;)

  7. Oh, goodness. I hope that Baby MiH cuts those teeth so you can all start feeling better. I don't have first-hand experience, but I have friends who have had good luck freezing bananas and using them as teethers- with supervision, of course.

  8. Tres jolie!
    I follow you on bloglovin'.

  9. New follower on bloglovin
    Thanks for the giveaway

  10. Awesome! What a lovely beret. Love the simple + chic style. I follow via the blog feed on Ravelry. About the teething thing, I know back home they put some "Bonjela" lotion on the gums to sooth the pain. (Apparently available in UK too!) I also saw a pin where they put ice in a pacifier and when the baby sucks on it, the ice helps relieve the pain (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/124763852151023290/).

  11. The beret is beautiful as for the teeth - frozen lemon rind, bonjela and alcohol. the first 2 are for baby MIH the last one is for the parents. Just remember it is a phase and shall pass.

  12. Hello Nat,
    The beret is a beauty and I love the colour of it. Love your photos too!

  13. I love it Nat! it is gorgeous the color and they way you styled it.
    Poor baby MiH I've heard that teething makes them really fuzzy. I hope he feels better soon.
    I'm I happy follower. Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. Love the beret... what a gorgeous colour. I follow you on Bloglovin and am now following you on Twitter and will tweet about the giveaway in a mo. Would love a chance to win.

  15. I just retweeted your post on twitter. (@MelindaMcCafrey)
    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  16. Hi Nat, I follow you on Google thingy and would love a chance to win.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  17. Only just spotted your giveaway - I'd love to enter please. Such a beautiful beret and gorgeous yarn colour. I follow with bloglovin.
    No advice re teething, sorry!......it will stop eventually though! Juliex