Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 8 April 2016

This week has been full of ups and downs here. I have been travelling quite a bit for work and also at weekends and it is clearly taking a toll - and I am getting emotional. Leo has been gone for 6 months this week, and these milestones remind me too painfully of how much I miss my baby. 

To make me feel better (and distract myself) I signed up for the Makelight beginner photography course. We had to make a visualisation board for our style/branding - mine is hereAnd it has been enlightening, now it is about to learn the skills to make it happen. I also started a new crochet project - I'd forgotten how much I loved crochet. Why did I stop? 

In other news this week... 

I will soon be sewing... 

- A free summer pattern from Liesl + Co - a linen caftan. So easy to make (it is written that it takes an hour!) and so easy to wear. 

- Lu's first pattern is released and it so clever - a really cool needle case (to get my sewing mojo back). 

- I love Rae's luna pants inspiration board - looks so comfy! The pattern is available here

- I really like the new Stockholm blouse by Atelier Scammit (free pattern)- especially this version.

- Kate had a great post about being a pattern and fabric hoarder - I am a pattern hoarder, but not a fabric or yarn (maybe patterns take less space?). I need to work on it, the Kondo method has not yet been applied here...  

- I love this simple tutorial on making half square triangles for quilting. I love the effect of HST, and I am hoping to show some off soon.

- I love this styling of 'winter culottes'. 

I might however go off track with other crafty projects.. 

Sashiko 101 - this is it, I will try Sashiko and stop drooling over pictures of it. 

- I have been wanting to try weaving for a bit of time, and this free pattern from Purl Soho might my latest weaving crush. 

whilst eating.. 

A gluten free spring roll recipe - actually forget about the spring rolls and go straight to the spicy peanut sauce. 

- When you have hardly any time to cook (like every night at the moment) but fancy something different - this 15 minute Pad Thai recipe could be for you (and definitely for me). 

- Glowing spiced lentil soup - I cannot wait to try this recipe

And I will definitely look after myself... 

- In Ellen's words - Less hate and more love.

The sleep revolution is coming - according to Arianna Huffington. I love this quote: 'We take better care of our smartphones than we do ourselves.'

- with some brilliant things to do in April. 

- The newly opened Generator hotel in Amsterdam - for the next time we go to the Netherlands. 

- I have just come across the 'creating your own path' podcast - yep, a bit late, loads to catch up. You might like it too. 

Knitted covers for paddles - so useless and looking so cool that it makes me happy!


  1. I love these posts, it's my favourite thing to read! I think the course is a great idea and the board is so you! I know sleep is important but I get so little, I think knowing I should be asleep makes it even worse. It's great that she's in a mission and I would really like to read her book. Thanks for the shout out! Xxx

    1. Ah, no problems now with the comment box. Think I was just being dim before. Anyhow, I enjoyed this post Nat. I too have a list of things to master. I can not crochet but would love to crochet a white tshirt type of thing. I would keep your pattern collection, we all need some sort of vice

    2. nope, my comment has still come in as a reply to Lucy's comment. I'm still doing something wrong.

  2. love reading these posts, I too fell in love with the noble and daughter culotts and ordered a pattern to make a pair! Have you tried Ella Woodward's pad thai, utterly delicious.

  3. love reading these posts, I too fell in love with the noble and daughter culotts and ordered a pattern to make a pair! Have you tried Ella Woodward's pad thai, utterly delicious.

  4. Looks like your project is off to a great start!

  5. *hug* and have fun crafting.

  6. I think it's really admirable how you are coping with the loss of Leo, you are doing the best you can, and some days will be better than others. Sending hugs! What a fabulous idea, the makelight classes- I'll check them out!

  7. Sending you a big hug x your post is full of great ideas

  8. Sending you a big hug x your post is full of great ideas

  9. I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes, but you're doing a great job. Sending you good thoughts and warm hugs... Love the links too. That caftan looks very doable.

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