Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 12 February 2016

The books I just took our of the library (been reserved for a while so excited) and Nessa knitted in Fyberspates

  • This week I loved this article... 

Science tells you how to make the most of your strong will. It totally makes sense now why that chocolate bar (yes all of it, looks SO good in the evening!)

  • I have been travelling with work quite a bit, and was wondering whether...

I could be sleeping in a replicate of Van Gogh's bedroom (in Chicago)?

I am just wondering whether my work will pay for me to stay in Central London in this Tree House Room/Hotel if I have a late night at work (because it would totally make these extra hours worth it!)

  • I will be reading... 

Harry Potter no 8 due out this summer!!!!! OMG! I may actually be pre-ordering it now!

  • I will be sewing

A similar version of this version of the Magellan top

How cute is the mini-Briar? Not sure it is Baby MiH's style though...

The Fold Line January sewing pattern round up - I love the Tulip skirt

  • Not a lot of new knitting patterns, but ...

I love hand knitted hats - and Tanis'collection is beautiful! 

Jog-less when knitting in the round trick - oh yes!

  • Cooking... 

Oh this vegan creamy soup would be ideal, for like: right now... It is so cold, I just want to be at home all the time, and drink soup all day. 

new cookbook totally up my street (due out in May though...)

  • A trick for quilting.. 

I love quilting with triangles - but technique sucks - here is a how to that will help me (and you!)

  • Last minute V-Day stuff... 

I have done nothing for V-Day! But I might be able to sneak in a couple of these crochet hearts around the house (free pattern of course)... 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Nat. I can't wait to see your sewing. My mum is itching for me to get that sewing machine warmed up. All I've been using it for is making mini notebooks. The vegan soup looks delicious. I've have been making sure I eat less and more vegetables. Had some vegetarian broccoli soup yesterday and since I had to use the cremini mushrooms, I fried them! They were good.

  2. What?!?! A new Harry Potter?!?! I will be preordering for sure!

  3. I always get excited when requested books turn up at the library too.

  4. Woohoo! Harry Potter 8?! I can barely wait!