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Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Monday everyone! I am starting this week with a finish! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. I really needed a finish. I have so many projects started, and was no where to see a finish. So I decided to start a new one just so I could have a finish - and get some motivation to progress others. 

To ensure a finish, I changed nothing, nada, zilch to the pattern. Not even the stitches count. I did not even add a pompom - I know, I am shocked. I may have to add one at a later stage - just because my beanie hats all have a pompom, it is my favourite part of my beanie hats. 

Pattern: Elam hat by Dianna Walla
Yarn: Hand dyed organic merino silk wool, light worsted DK yarn from SixSkeins (Etsy) _I asked Stephanie to hand-dyed this lot for me, this colour was the one I used for Baby MiH's Shale blanket
Needles: according to pattern (DPNs in 3.5mm and 4.5mm)
(Future) modifications: looking at the pictures, I am wondering whether I would not make the brim about fatter. 

This is also my entry for this month's le challenge. The theme was 'round', and the hat was knitted in the round. You can check all the entries here. Next month's challenge is reading!

Also I have realised I have not appeared in a post for a long time... Weird to see myself in pictures. As you can see I am letting my hair grow and I have gone darker - I am sure you are feeling better now you had a hair update!


  1. Perfect beanie and you look great...and ridiculously youthful if I may say:-)

  2. Girl, you look good. Great beanie.

  3. You beautiful rosy cheeked mug holding lady!! Adore your new hat and agree it must have a pompom :)

  4. You look great and this beanie is perfect, no need for a pattern change and such a great color too!

  5. Beautiful hat! You look great!

  6. Fabulous hat, I really like the design, and you look wonderful! It's nice to see you on the blog. :)

  7. Beanie looks great on you, even if (temporarily) without a pompom! Love that silvery grey!