The start of a shawl...

Friday, 15 January 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Not a lot has happened in the terms of craft this week. I went back to work this week - which surprisingly (ok, totally not surprisingly) is taking time away from knitting and sewing. It is amazing though how quickly I went back into it, and came up with some very good BS in meetings. 

Also I have been really distracted by tidying. I tackled my jewellery collection - so satisfying - and today was notebooks (I tried to gather all of them, but I am not sure I actually managed it).   

On my list for today was to knit - it has not happened - but I was set. I have never knitted with Fyberspates - I was looking for a fingering yarn for a shawl - the yarn had to be ethical of course. I did not want a block colour, but not a crazy variegated either (if that makes sense). And I came across these skeins at Knit with Attitude - and I just knew it was what I was looking for. I just cannot wait to start knitting properly and show you.. soon.


  1. Looks beautiful and rich in colour. Hope you get to cast on today ; )

  2. beautiful yarn! And it's great to be distracted by tidying- think of how amazing it will feel when the bulk of it is done!

  3. Pretty colourway. Have fun knitting.