Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 22 January 2016

This week I was inspired by ..

My Grandma who is 83 (and the biggest collector of my knits, making her my biggest fan in the world). She is now on her own. My Mum asked her what she really wanted to do now. My Grandma told her that she wanted to go to Venice (where does that come from??!). My Mum said ok, that she would take her, if my Grandma walked. She is not much of a walker - actually, she is a rubbish walker. She now walks 45 minutes every day so she can make the trip of a lifetime in Venice. Whoa! People. it is never too late.

I wanted to sew...

- The Birkin Flares... I am sold. I have seen this pattern before, but Oona made me realise that I need them in my life - desperately!

- I love this version of the Inari Tee Dress by Named - The addition of central seams is brilliant - looks so professional. I have added to my sewing list, as if it was not long enough..

- I love this review of the best sewing patterns in 2015. I have a few in stock - not touched of course (arrghh) - but it reminded me that I really want a new Renfrew and that I have the Minoru Jacket pattern and all the fabric for it.

I will be travelling (not for work) ...

- 52 places to travel to in 2016 (there is no way some of these places are this year, but there are actually a few in Europe.. So Easyjet, where do you fly to?)

I will be watching ... 

- If you are in the UK, you might be interested in a new reality show - that does not seem as dumb as some others - called the sugar free farm to be aired on ITV from 26 January - it is in my diary, is it in yours?

- OMG!! One of my favourite after school 80s series is back, Fuller House (aka la Fete a la maison as I know it) will start on Netflix in February 2016. Is it wrong to be excited?

- A lot of TV ...  knitting and TV is a great combo. I loved Atelier on Netflix, beware it is in Japanese (so you could also say that I was learning a new language) and therefore easy knitting is required. A great series about the fashion industry, focusing on luxury underwear. 

Whilst knitting...

- If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am a bit of Humanoid fan - and I found (totally by chance) a knitting jumper called 'humanoid knock off' - yes it is in my favs list (and also it is made from a free pattern, hourray for free pattern!)

- A free simple hat pattern, yes please, thanks Felicia!

- BT published its latest lookbook, check out Julie's review. I do love Halus, and League. What's your favourite? Snoqualmie wins on Ravelry. 

I will be reading ... 

- My coffee table is officially looking very uncool as none of this uber-cool magazines features on it. Time to review my readings. 

- The reality behind the blog, my friend Cee has written a day in the life of a fashion blogger, reading about all that workout has knackered me. 

- I am not sure how I can feel pain anymore - I am a bit numb in that department - but I have been thinking a lot about happiness, and what it does actually mean. I loved reading this article, about negative experiences, and how much you want it.

And finally... Travelling (with work) and maybe meeting with you... 

I am travelling with work again - oh the glamour of a hotel (and full night sleep) - So people, I will be in Brussels and Leiden in February, Paris in April, Copenhagen in April, Dublin in May. I am usually staying the one night - message me if you fancy meeting up with me and get some knitting done! 


  1. So much coolness in one post!! Will have to check out all the links but those jeans are fabulous!

  2. ooh, a fabulous mod, thanks for the shout out! And I loved that article on what we are willing to suffer for... so true, and a much better way to approach the hard work of happiness.

  3. I love that story about your grandma and Venice! My grandma is by far my biggest knitting fan as well.

    Sounds like you have tons of cool work travel lined up for the year. Hope you get to go somewhere for pleasure too! (P.S. Love the yarn in your photo!)

  4. What are you knitting on the main picture here? Looks like a scarf? Go Gramma Go!

  5. Your grandmother rocks. She is younger than my grandparents.

  6. Enjoyed your interview with Susan . And go grandma ! I love Venice , you do need to be nimble footed though . If you are ever in Belfast give me a shoutout !