Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Oh well, hello December! I was glad to see the back of October, November had its fair share of challenging time, especially Little Baby MiH's birthday, and I am hoping that December will see us getting into our new normal. Of course there is nothing normal about December. We are gearing up at home or at work for Christmas celebrations, but in our household there are also Baby MiH's birthday and mine. And this year I decided to celebrate both. Baby MiH will have his party, with all his friends, and I will actually do something for mine. Not sure what, but I will. 

There will be a lot to be organised at home, in addition to Baby MiH advent activity calendar (an activity a day, some are as simple as drinking hot chocolate on the sofa). But I have a few things finished to share, including Pokiha (finally), Baby MiH's mittens (unlikely to ever be featured as Baby MiH keeps wanting to keep them in his pocket). I also sewed a top, it is a muslin version, and would really want to make a final version for the celebrations. I also started a new jumper, so I am hoping to make some progress on this over the course of the month. 

I am hoping to have a couple of guest bloggers lined up. My friend Debs will be sharing her #followyourpassion story - I am so excited about it! - and Carla will be telling us more about the way she blogs. Hopefully there will be a few tips and inspiration for you as well as for me. 

Finally Christmas would not be Christmas without (handmade) presents. Do you find it much easier to make handmade presents for women than men? Plenty of ideas of women, nearly none for men, except socks and scarves... Any ideas are welcomed, I would like to make everyone something, but I do not want to waste energy on presents that will be kept in a dark corner of a cupboard. 


  1. You knit beautiful hats. I would recommend some hats out of thick yarn for the men who deserve handmade presents this year.

    Like that:

    1. P.S. Check out the price for the hat in the link - 154,00 € !!!

  2. Your strength is amazing, Nat. Yes, I find knitting for women much easier. That's what I usually do every Christmas. I don't know for my brother, husband, dad, uncle, and nephew.

  3. very nice image im daniela dear

  4. I like hats for men, and this year I'm sewing a necktie for my dad using a bit of wool tweed. :)