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Monday, 19 October 2015

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all? Are you feeling the temperature dropping? It is time for chunky jumpers - and statement colours. I pinned this picture 3 years ago - I was obsessed with the construction of yoke at the time, but I never considered knitting such a crazy design until now. But if I am going to knit a jumper, it may as well be a statement. Also it means that only you need is jeans and sunglasses - no need to accesorize when there is so much going on!

So I have been looking at patterns that I could try my hands on - there is this free one which is quite appealing, and versatile (and free!). I do like Winter Fantasy from Drops. I also love the subtlety of either Epistrophy or Stasis. And if I was to go for a block colour and textured jumper, I may go for this version of the Shalom Cardigan or this cabled yoke jumper. 

Which one would you go for? 


  1. Oh, I looove the sweater! Great inspo:)

    1. I in my teens and early twenties knitted myself jumpers in Icelandic wool with a yoke. Loved them, but unfortunately I'm not so slim now!

  2. I adore Kate Davies designs, that said I have never knitted a yoke and bought handknitted Loppi's on Etsy ;D)

  3. How interesting that these "Scandinavian" designs are back in fashion! I knitted one many, many years ago! I love the delicate pattern of both Epistrophy and Stasis! They would be a delight to knot, I expect! I look forward to seeing what you decide on. Thinking of you Nat...... xx

  4. I, too, have been inspired by Icelandic / Scandinavian / yoke sweaters recently. After lots of looking, I bought Yokes and have just cast on Epistrophy. The neckline is not *exactly* what I was hoping for ( a bit too wide) but I hope I will love it anyway.

    I wanted to knit an Icelandic sweater after having seen some beautiful sweaters on a BBC programme about Iceland a few months ago, but having felt the Icelandic wool, it felt like straw and I was put off. I know I can choose other yarn, but I am not sure it would work in the same way.

    Good luck in your choice, if you decide to cast on!

  5. I've had the Stasis sweater favorited for a while, so that's my vote. :-D I also really love the Lekkergenseren pattern by Nina Figenschau as a statement colorwork sweater. I haven't managed to knit either of these, unfortunately.

  6. Those are all great but I think Stasis is my favourite!