Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello October! Everything seems to start to slow down at the MiH house. Every project requires weeks of preparation before being ready to share (and I am not even talking about knitting). We are slowly hibernating, and that is fine. I like to take things slowly, especially as I know it will all be over next month when I go back to work. So one month of slowness is fine by me. 

I love October, not sure about November, and adore December. The colours are magnificient, you get some sunny days and beautiful natural light. I love planning for chunkier knits, hats, mittens and throws. All of these are on my to-do list, and I may have some spare projects if I got bored. 

I am hoping to finish my double moss cardigan - and just move on to something else! I have started to follow Rebecca's tutorial on natural dyeing  - I am on the final stage of getting the fabric ready - so there may be some progress to share this month on that front. The boys need beanie hats and scarves - I know one of them will love wearing both, the other is yet to be convinced that anything on his head is a good idea, I am hoping he will get used to the idea (like soon!). 

I have also asked some guest bloggers to help me out - Charlie of Offset Warehouse will tell us all about running her own ethical online fabric shop, and Cecile will share a tutorial on making an Autumn wreath (I cannot tell you how excited I am she said yes). 

I do have some finish projects for you too. And I will finally share with you what I did with this embroidery work. 

More knitting, more sewing, more inspiration... I hope you will join me and enjoy October as much as I will!

The picture was taken yesterday when Little Baby MiH and I were on a walk. 

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  1. I love fall. I love the leaves, the temperatures, and the apples. I'm really looking forward to fall projects. I hope you enjoy your month at home with the boys!

  2. I love autumn and I love winter even more! Right there with you on the slowing down and hibernating :)

  3. Fall and me are cool. I love that bold red w/the navy blue. When I make baby hats for ppl, I stop at 6 months b/c by that time, babies know how to remove them.

  4. I love walking in the park with my little dogs hopping and jumping through the drifts of leaves. Oh and wearing wonderful hand knitted jumpers, hats and scalves!