Upcycling for my boys - Part 1 :: SEWING ::

Sunday, 14 June 2015

This project is only part of my entry to this month's Le Challenge. I am still working on the second part - and also the final pictures involving the boys. So you will have to come back tomorrow and the day after to see the whole project. This means, yes, 3 posts in 3 days, I know, amazing considering the minimal activity of late of my blog ...

This month's Le Challenge theme was single... As per usual with loose themes, I did not know how to interpret it until a week before the deadline. You cannot see the whole project, but the idea was to make two items of clothing from one single pair of my trousers. Also it totally fits with my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I made first a bloomer for Little Baby MiH, perfect for the summer of course - and very cute with his chubby legs (pictures involving said chubby legs to come in a couple of days). 

I bought my trousers in a charity shop - they were brand new and my size - so potentially they could have been for me. But the style did not fit me. I really liked the stripey fabric but also the feel of it for the summer. So it was time to search the internet and my magazines for some inspiration. 

I found this free pattern (in French) for the bloomer. Mr MiH mentioned that it was quite tricky to print - just in case you want to use it. I did not follow the pattern instructions as it is self-explanatory. I had to cut out 4 pieces because I used upcycled fabric, but the pattern uses only 2 pieces - which makes it the easiest pattern ever. 

I added a ribbon at the top, as I did not have enough elastic handy - using up that stash of mine. Little Baby MiH is not yet on the move so it is ok for the time being, but I think an elasticated waist would be better when he starts crawling. 

Tomorrow I will show you the second part of the project - trousers for Baby MiH (my first pair of trousers) - so stay tune! 

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  1. Adorable! Great idea for the theme and I'm looking forward to seeing those cute chubby baby legs!

  2. What a clever idea! The fabric is really perfect for summer, it's looks really fresh and I love the delicate stripes.

  3. Those are really adorable! The ticking stripe gives them a French look too