Too many cables to handle? :: Knitting ::

Friday, 24 April 2015

There are designers out there who think of patterns involving cables on BOTH sides of mittens, unbelievable (and more importantly when is this ever a good idea). And then there are knitters out there that think it is a good idea to knit those patterns (and I ask myself, why oh why)!

I am a sucker for lovely pictures of mittens, and it is only after the cuff ribbing (and turning the page of the pattern) that I realised what I let myself into. 

You know when the instructions say that you should read everything before you start - well I am the type of person who will never follow that particular instruction. And you end up with a knitting headache, and just one mitten. 

Those pictures are all from the one mitten. It could easily be too separate ones, but no, I followed the pattern to the letter and made the two sides. Although it is beautiful - really it is the most beautiful mitten I have ever knitted - I am not sure mittens need intricate cable work on both sides. 

Pattern: Palomino Mittens by Elli Stubenrauch (published in November Knits)
Yarn: Possum fur yarn (a present) in grey and a blue laceweight yarn (from my stash)
Needles: 4.0 mm
Modifications: None, except there is a major errata in the written pattern for the thumb - check Ravelry there is a really good review of what to do. 

Will I ever knit the second mitten? You bet I will - I am halfway to own the most beautiful mittens ever - but just not right now. I need cold, wet weather, a whiff of Autumn/Winter in the air to give me the necessary energy to start again. Spring/Summer does not cut it - at all. 

So hopefully I will not lose my lonely mitten - because that would really suck, right. And there will be a post later on in the year featuring both mittens featuring me wearing them! 

For anyone who needs/wants a knitting challenge, look no further, you have it with this pattern!


  1. That mitten is truly lovely but it sounds like a lot of work for something that won't properly be admired. Happy Friday!

  2. Just think how pretty they will look when you're waving!! :)

  3. These look intricate with the cables on both sides. I'm sure the designer wanted her mittens to be unique on each side.

  4. Definitely worth the effort though...really gorgeous. Hopefully autumn leaves will give you the inspiration to make the second!

  5. wow, that mitten is stunning! plus there is something to be said for a reversible mitten, you can choose which design you want facing up depending on which hand you have the mitten on. But I can definitely see how that's going to be a real labour of love!

  6. This is so beautiful! You should definitely make the second one! But I don't blame you for wanting to wait until fall... it's hard to motivate to make things you can't wear for months!

  7. well i have just knitted one sock, and may leave it at that
    hope everything is going ok for you x