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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It is pancake day - and the perfect excuse to eat pancakes all day! I am finally back on reading blogs (and even commenting), and just came across this recipe by Jeska and I just had to try it - it said healthy and sugar free in the title (ok, it may depend on how much maple syrup you add to them)! In case you wonder, it is 2 points/pancake for WW

As you can see I made some for the boys yesterday, and they loved them! I probably made them a bit bigger - a sort of hybrid between pancakes and crepes (I made 16 following the recipe). It is also a chance to use those bananas that are getting a bit soft in your fruit bowl. I swapped flour for a combination of half plain white flour and half rice flour. 

They are quick to make and really nice - totally worth a try. 

But if you fancy more traditional crepes, I shared my grandma recipe two years ago, they are also delicious. 


  1. Oh, these look just delightful! And perfect for a mardi gras dinner :)

  2. Oh my, girlfriend. I'll be buying my plane ticket now so I can come over for these! These pancakes look so good.