Our Christmas 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

Here are the bits and pieces I have been making for Christmas in situ (although I did not make everything, in fact Baby MiH had his own contribution). I love the natural theme I followed this year, but I really do not have enough ornaments for the house, but it something I can add to next year and the following ones - and replace (slowly) the ones I bought on the high street some time ago. 

The woven star was found on Etsy but they don't seem to sell them anymore.
My cross-stitched ornaments next to Baby MiH contribution
The crocheted gingerbread man from last year

No tree for us - a toddler, a baby and a Christmas tree, it was too much to handle.. However my Mum has a Christmas tree - so presents will be at the feet of a tree - and everything will be in order. 

I am really happy I had spent the time making Christmas decorations - I love how for once I can display what I have made - but maybe it is the process of making Christmas as early as I want that really appeals to me! 


  1. Wishing a very happy Christmas to you and your family, Nat! Even without a tree in your own home, I'm sure it will be wonderful :)

  2. Given you have birth recently, girlfriend, this holiday house trimming is wonderful.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Handmade is always far more personal than decorations you buy, so I think it is a splendid idea to fill your home with items full of love and memories. Merry Christmas!

  4. Those decorations make everything so cozy! I love the natural theme. Happy holidays!

  5. They are all lovely, what a great idea to only have homemade decorations rather than shop bought ones. We stopped having a tree when our children were little and have never had one since preferring instead to hang up decorations like you have :)

  6. I LOVE your theme and the pieces you incorporated! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Love your handmade Christmas! I, too, think that a handmade Christmas makes it feel so much more personal and cozy. Hope you and your beautiful family had a great Christmas with grandma!

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