My October here and elsewhere

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

It is a bit late ... But here is what caught my eye in October, or is new in my house this month. 

- I am preparing my post-baby wardrobe and the Denver top pattern is SO going to have to be in it. I first saw it on Annie Cotton - and I just know that I will have to make it at some point. I am thinking a plaid version - a cosy fabric for the winter months, and a pattern that might hide the post-baby tummy. 

- I may not be a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of the basics - especially that there is always an 'ugly stage'. 

- I had to wait a bit to get my new scarf - but I have been wearing every day since receiving it. I love A Peace Treaty story and how it ethically works with artisan workshops. I bought mine in the UK here. I am now hoping to make a hat that will go with it - hopefully with some naturally dyed yarn - but I am still looking for a pattern. 

- I found a new UK-based Etsy shop that sells naturally dyed yarn - and I am hoping to start knitting in November with it. It sells more than just the one skein of the one colour - and therefore would allow me to make bigger project. 

- I love that blouse and Pauline Alice's Autumn look (ok it was a September post, but I saw it in October) - such a great smart casual look! 

- My vintage purchases of the month are now in my kitchen. A flour sifter (Portmeirion Totem) and a vintage tin. Love them! My kitchen is finally getting some personality. 

- And finally I got some new comfy shoes to get ready for walking behind the pushchair - and they are vegan, but not too expensive, from Esprit. And they have zip on the sides, so my giant belly cannot stop me from wearing them! 

I suppose we are coming to the most exciting month - we will be meeting Little Baby MiH soon - I am enjoying the remaining days before sleep deprivation, and also making the most of having just the one baby - although I cannot wait to be able to pick up Baby MiH again, so frustrating to be so slow at everything! 

Has anything has caught your eyes this month... I would love to know!


  1. I love the way you start to knit or sew something and actually finish them quite quickly. It takes me forever to finish anything

  2. Oxford kitchen yarns are lovely, beautiful colours and fabulous to wear - and made by my lovely friend! Glad you found them!

  3. That is a terrific print on your new scarf. I can see why you're so in love with it. Glad you found some comfy shoes to kick around in.