A new Bedcover by 2018 | Inspiration {Knitting}

Monday, 8 September 2014

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There are many reasons to love crafting, and in my case trying to improve my skills - one of them is to able to recreate some items that are available but at great expense, or that do not exist anymore, or that I have only seen a picture of. 

This is the case of this blanket that I pinned a year ago (apparently). I knew it would be possible to find a pattern (well at least I was hoping to), and then I found it! 

I am not saying this is the easiest/quickest project I would be taking on - I am thinking probably 5 or 6 years (at my speed), but after a year on my Pinterest board I still love it - that mix of vintage and grey, so I am probably still going to be in love with it by the time I finish it, right? 

So I found the (free) pattern on Ravelry, and it confirmed what I knew all along - I could make my own. I am looking at this other (free) pattern to adapt the border and add a diamond border

The yarn is from Swans Island in Graphite - organic and using environmental-friendly dyes (of course).   

So day that I knit a block over 2 months, I may be able to have my new bed cover by Christmas 2018... Something to look forward to.. 


  1. What a great long term project for you. I also love that headboard!

  2. I love that blanket too! It’s a great project, sadly I don’t think I have the patience to make one. Looking forward to see yours in a few years time ; )

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! This is really stunning!

  4. The inspiration blanket is gorgeous, good luck with your project!

  5. Where would we be without pinspiration? I get so many ideas from the site, from outfits to recipes to travel to... anything, really! I do hope you'll share how this project comes together as it does look wonderful (but also quite time-consuming!)

  6. Oh my! Now that's a loooong project. Imagine how wonderful it will be when done. I think it's a fabulous idea : )

  7. Hummm, these colours are amazing! I wish this was my bedroom! I also wish I knew how to knit as well as you (I can only make simple scarves). This is going to be such a beautiful project!

  8. This is going to be stunning. Good luck with your schedule. I'm looking forward to watching your blanket grow :)

  9. ooh, that is gorgeous, especially in the grey! I'd love to knit a blanket one day, but man, the time commitment.