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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

As you can imagine I was very excited about the prospect of Brooklyn Tweed publishing a volume solely dedicated to patterns for kids. It is lucky that 1/ I am a slow knitter, and 2/ that Baby MiH is a size bigger than 18 mo, as the pattern sizing starts at 2-year old. However there are a blanket, teddy bear and cushion patterns that may be able to adorn the second baby bedroom. 

So what do I think? Well, I am not a fan of fair isle, and there is quite a bit of fair isle (the inspiration of the volume is classic traditional knitwear). There is a definite BT vibe to the volume, and there are some very cute patterns - if you were knitting for a girl. I suppose with boys, it seems that you always find the same silhouettes, they are cute of course, but nothing I have not seen before.

So here are my picks (for the boys)... 

The Sock Monkey Sweater, by the one and only Jared Flood. Looks cool, easy to put on (see head opening, very important in the morning) - and you can probably have a fair few declinations of this sweater whether you knit in block colour, or with the different colours. It has a lot of potential and is quite a timeless design. 

Only added the picture of Humphrey the bear because of that super cute little face - OMG, the best picture ever. Could I possibly knit this bear just so I can try to have the same picture, am I that crazy? well maybe I am... We will have to see.

The cutest cushion ever - Winslow - would challenge my knitting skills, but I may be ready for the challenge, just so that I can have Winslow in my house..

I love this jumper, but I know for a fact that Baby MiH will never want to wear it and it would be a struggle when it is the last remaining clean item of clothing in his wardrobe. I will have to keep the pattern for when he is older, and does not mind being dressed in the morning..

Wyatt is pretty cool - again check out that neck opening which will make my life easier in the morning. The stitch used seems simple enough - so I could probably finish it easily. I do love the colour it has been knitted in for the photoshoot.

I know I said patterns to suit the boys, but this is not for Baby MiH, this is a call to the BT's team to have Berenice in an adult size, please, pretty please. I love that pattern. 

So what is your favourite? What did you think? Other patterns, and beautiful photographs are of course on line in the Ebook available here


  1. I love these patterns...and want them all in adult sizes too!

  2. There are some lovely designs here. I'm sure you''ll will make some gorgeous knitwear and the cushion is fab!

  3. I think it's good that the collection was geared towards slightly older kids, since there are so many baby knits, but I also thought it was funny so many of the knits were in earth tones,- all the kids I see tend to favour brights. Although that was likely the point.

  4. Beautiful knits. I love the blue pullover. Which one are you going make first for baby MiH?

  5. The jumpers are cute. I think they'd be good for toddlers.