Oh, to own a Jonathan Saunders bomber jacket! | Inspiration {Dressmaking}

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

There are a few reasons why I am keen to improve on my dressmaking skills - one of them is to able to recreate some items of my favourite fashion designers, today Jonathan Saunders, and save some pennies in the process. 

I love Jonathan Saunders style - quirky but classic, but I cannot really justify the price, especially for a jacket I would only wear occasionally. But isn't it beautiful? Surprisingly (yes there is some pink involved) I love the colour combination too! But, here is the thing, I could be making my own... 

Pattern: the Rigel Bomber jacket from Papercut; 
Fabric: I chose a Floral Embroidered Dupion from Joel & Son which is not as shiny as the embroidered silk used in the designer model but could work. I am also very (very keen) on this colourful version
Probable modifications: Not sure whether it will be a modification as such, but a lot of care will have to be given to matching fabrics. 
Bomber Jacket: You can buy it on NaP for a mere £1,495.00

So let's do the maths...

This would be one of the most expensive garment I would be making - but still at a bargain price compared to the designer version. Although before I get started on this, I would definitely do a muslin - just because I know I would be scared to cut into that fabric and mess it up. 

However I have seen a lot of sewists' versions of that jacket, and it does look like the real deal on them, so it would be worth the investment. 


  1. Oh I'm excited to see this Nat - how amazing to do your own version of something designer. Go you!

  2. Have fun with that ; ) I like your choice of fabric. It will be stunning

  3. What a gorgeous inspiration jacket! This would be so cool on you! Do it!

  4. Almost anything would be a steal compared to the original priced piece - there is no doubt that it's gorgeous but I was blown away when I saw the cost! I do hope we'll get to see yours when it's finished :)

  5. This is going to be stunning. And worth every penny.

  6. That will be a fun piece in your closet.

  7. I was wondering if you ever shared your burlap pin cushion pattern. Thanks for sharing so many fun patterns!!

    1. I did on this post http://made-inhome.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/burlap-pincushion-free-pattern-cross.html. There is a link to a word document.