Bough | A Finish {Knitting}

Friday, 30 May 2014

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments yesterday! I can now finally come back on the blog without having to hide everything. Although I could have featured Bough ages ago!! I actually finished it in March, but I had not done the pompom, and it felt funny on me without it (although less so now that I have shorter hair) - and at the end of the day it is only head shots!

Let me start by I LOOOOOVVVVEEE this beanie hat. I bought the pattern as soon as I spotted it in BT Wool People Vol. 6.  

It was also the opportunity to try Shelter. I reviewed it here, and despite my reservations, this is the perfect yarn to show off the cable work. Have you seen the definition of the design?

Earrings: Azuni
Pattern: Bough (WP Vol 6) by Leila Raabe
Yarn: Shelter in Soot
Needles: 4mm circular (smaller than recommended as saw comments 
on the pattern knitting big), I am not sure it was necessary in the end.
Modifications: Not done on purpose, but I believe I forgot a section between the tree design and the cable.

I love this grey version, I wanted to knit something I could wear with any of my coats. However the green yarn used in the WP6 shots is really beautiful, and I may just need one in that colour too. So yes, I will use Shelter again, just because I think it really suits the design, and this time I will probably knit in 4.5mm to make it just a bit slouchier. 


  1. I don't think this hat could possibly be any cuter on you, Nat! I always love the way a beanie looks with a messy bob - you've got it down just perfectly.

  2. Super cute! I made this hat, too, and really love it. I'd like to try a version in Shelter- this looks great!

  3. Fabulous texture in that beanie and dang, I love a good pom pom on a beanie. Those earrings are so lovely.

  4. This is a great hat. It has turned out beautifully. But I hope the weather is too nice for you to wear it until at least the end of October!

  5. Love this beanie! I think the grey is the perfect color!

  6. brill hat, just wish I suited hats.

  7. it's gorgeous! I *love* the pompom - all hats should have one!

  8. Such a fun hat Nat. I love the pompom. And the cable work is beautiful. Great finish.

  9. I used Shelter for Rosebud, and I agree with you on so many levels. The yarn is perfect for gable patterns, it gives you some beautiful stitch definition...I rather enjoyed the bits of hay I had to pick out of my skein, it made it feel like "real" wool, but yes, it would probably not be the nicest wool for a cowl, I agree, and I also found that it ripped quite easily....
    But beautiful hat! The pom-pom is key!

  10. So cute Nat!! You and that sweet hat!

  11. Beautiful Bough! I made one last year and wore it all winter in the snow. I love it! :)