$3,000, really Isabel, really? | Inspiration {Dressmaking}

Monday, 24 March 2014

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Edited later: Sorry there are so many amendments to this post since I wrote it this morning!! SO this top is available in Europe for EUR 230.00 and not $3000 as I saw it on Net-a-Porter in the morning, it changes to $334 by 2pm (hence the trail in the comment box). The fact remains that it is still cheaper to make your own version (so no excuse people!). So I amended the post for those who have seen the morning version to reflect the new pricing. Phew - the editing is nearly as big as the actual post!!  

There are a few reasons why I am keen to improve on my dressmaking skills - one of them is to able to recreate some items of my favourite fashion designers, for instance Isabel Marant, and save some pennies in the process. 

I love Isabel Marant's style (I knitted my first jumper because of her) but I cannot afford her items (well maybe one if I am on a serious shopping spree), unless she does a collaboration with H&M. 

Pattern: from Burdastyle 04/2014; 
Fabric: Fredo Linen (latte not that keen on ecru): The Fabric Godmother or 
Probable modifications: ruffles (see my tutorial here) and shorten the sleeves
to be honest my main issue with the Burdastyle top is its length, so I would have to lengthen it, no one wants to see my stretch marks
Top: You can buy it on NaP

So let's do the maths...

Hmmm.. I am sure you could even invest the money you would save into a sewing course!

I already wanted to make the top when I bought the current issue of the BurdaStyle magazine (one of my favourite issues). Well, I just want to have/make it, like now!! Even Mr MiH will be impressed!  


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  2. I was just looking at that Burda pattern last night. The ruffles look like a great way to customize it. Depending on when you start/finish the project you should enter it into the upcoming Pattern Review Bargainista Fashionista contest (i.e. copying your favorite expensive designer)! This would be perfect!

  3. If ever I needed a reason to invest in a sewing course ;) I love Isabel Marant's designs but have never found that the quality justifies the price, whether it's $3000 or the slightly more affordable 240 euros. I hope you will make a version, I would love to see how it turns out!

  4. Oh that top is gorgeous and you will look stunning in it Nat!

  5. these are brilliant, you just seem to take dressmaking to a different level, and make it look relatively easy x

  6. I think you look in the right direction, Nat. I get put off making clothes by thinking about how expensive it is compared to buying them. Clearly I should be thinking about buying more expensive clothes and then, as you say, you can save a fortune. I'm looking forward to seeing your top :)

  7. seriously adorable with the shorter sleeves - love watching your inspirational adaptations!

  8. I guess there are a lot of ppl to pay who were involved in making this design come to life? It's a cute top.

  9. Nice job. I'm just now trying to knock off a Tibi skirt, with mixed results. Thrift store fabric = cheap. But also ripped. :(