Previously discarded {knitting}

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The are several reasons why I'd rather read blogs than magazines - besides the price of course! But one that stands out is the fact that bloggers are able to widen my horizon and capture where the problem might be with a pattern and how it could work. This is what happened with Nord. Of course, I am a Brooklyn Tweed aficionado and it was hard for me to even think that I could change a pattern, but Nord was not working for me - and I had even discarded it in my review of BT Winter Vol.14. 

Of course I was attracted by the cable work. And I cannot tell you exactly why, but it did not appeal to me whatsoever... Until I saw this version...

The oversized version by une poule a petits pas. Of course it was obvious, the v-neck sits better, the shape and the length are better. This is a jumper I want to own!

EDIT: if you are interested in knitting this version, here are the main changes:
- It is knitted in Cascade Eco Alpaga in Ecru (5 skeins)
- Knitted one size bigger than your usual size
- The armholes were changed as well: knitted straight, and the stitches are picked up and sleeves knitted in the round (so much easier!).

And this is why, although in theory I am not supposed to buy more yarn if I have not finished a project, there is yarn on its way... And I cannot wait to cast on. I just hope my version will be as wearable. I stopped at making a cream version as well, but the colour will not be that far from that... Such a copycat. As long as I get a jumper that I will wear! who cares! 


  1. Oversize is all in! I see it all over Pinterest.

  2. I agree it is stunning! Fancy knitting 2???

  3. So darling with jeans. You go girl. Your knitting is so fabulous!

  4. I can see why you are drawn to the oversized version. It looks super comfy but in no way frumpy!

  5. This does look much nicer. It's surprising how quite small changes complete transform a pattern :)

  6. Oh goodness, the styling is just lovely. It looks so much better doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing yours :)