The unusual WIP {Crochet}

Monday, 20 January 2014

I have some many WIPs at the moment, it is getting out of control - but of course in a good way! It also means that at some point there may a few finished projects to share. Sometimes I really wished I was a one-at-a-time-project kind of girl - but let's face it your are either one or you are not. And I am definitely not. I have currently 3 knitting projects (one is the follow your arrow kal though, so not exactly a typical WIP), a crochet project, and 3 sewing projects I should be getting on with... And many many more in my head! 

So the issue is really which one to share here. I decided to go for the crochet one because 1) I have not crochet in a while, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it!, 2) because it is the most unusual project out of my current WIP, and will get you guessing, and 3) it is the one I am most likely to finish. 

So he is a HE ...

So he has legs, and thanks to his Mum (yours truly) he has one shorter than the other, oops...

 A head (sort of)...

he has  a long body... 

he is made of Artenaso Definition sock yarn in Crocodile and Drops Karisma in Forest Green (both already in my stash whoohoo- so I really got an interesting green. The white and burnt orange yarns are leftovers from the fox hats.   

Oh and he has one arm (so far)..

And he is about to become Baby MiH's best mate - and new dribbling pillow... I hope to properly introduce him to you very soon. 


  1. The crochet is very cute - you have to finish it for your very handsome little guy to dribble over :)

  2. Aww so sweet! The legs look like they're walking!

  3. This will be a great lovelie for your toddler! That pic of him bending over the hooked pieces is cute.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this :)

  5. He's very sweet. Little man looks like he's already in love

  6. It looks cute with a nice chubby belly:)

  7. Love the shades of green you are using.

    Here's my WIP: