Blogging in 2014 - My Five Resolutions

Monday, 6 January 2014

I have been thinking a lot about this post. Nothing drastic ... but I needed to reassess where my blog fitted in my crafty/handmade life. I had a lot of comments on my post about pausing and blogging - all very helpful and interesting to read. So I thought I would share with you some of my current thoughts about blogging... and what it means for MiH in 2014. 

How much to share, which social media platform and when? 

When I first started blogging (with the first blog not this one), Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were not as  important (not sure that this is the right word) as they are now to share craft projects

The MiH facebook page is now updated fairly regularly, I try not to post more than once a day - a link to a blog post or a project I am working on. But I don't want to share my life on it, because the last thing you want on your wall is me taking it over with pictures of Baby MiH. 

For more frequent updates I use Instagram - and I use it a lot. I love it! It is not just about the sharing of pictures, it is also the built-in editing tool that makes one possibly boring picture look amazing. 

Which means by the time I blog, I am not as excited as I should be - and it feels like nothing is new. What to do? Does blogging still have a place? 

I think it does, it is a great way to record my projects, share the techniques I have learnt, the issues I have encountered and tell the story of the project. However it probably means I will also blog less - but better, better pictures (please natural light do come back); more time spent on posts, better relevant links... 

As far as twitter is concerned, I am using it less and less but I am still on it...

2014 Resolution no 1: Better blogging and better sharing of projects.

Source: Pinterest

Which projects to choose? 

Looking through my 2013 makes, I was fairly happy that most of my projects reflected my style. However some of them (not mentioned in the post) did not. Of course I learnt a lot along the way, from each and every project I made. But as my crafting time is now quite limited I need to spend more time choosing my projects, my colour schemes and make sure they reflect my style but also that the finishing is of good quality. In the past, if I had not liked a project I may have managed to finish it, but never to a very good standard, just so it would be off my to-do list. Or it may be that the projects are too advanced for me, and I need to learn the techniques more.. Here is a thought! 

2014 Resolution no 2: Spending more time choosing projects and colour schemes

2014 Resolution no 3: Better finishes and techniques

Blogging and commenting

Better blogging, more commenting - but less replying to comments here. Something has to give and I think this is it for me. I read every single comment, and I love every one of them - but unless there is a specific question, I will not be replying to individual comments anymore or not every time. I'd rather spend time commenting on your projects, and make sure I know what the bloggers I follow are up to. I want to be feel part of the community again and this will be the way I will be doing it. 

2014 Resolution no 4: Spend more time commenting on other blogs

source: Pinterest

A blog like me... 

This will be my motto for 2014 and the projects and blogging, ensure that the blog is a reflection of me and my vision of a handmade lifestyle.. 

2014 Resolution no 5: Stick to the motto 

Well, I have my work cut out for 2014, but you know now that it is written here, I feel that blogging will be exciting again! How do you feel about blogging now? Have you changed the way you are blogging? 


  1. I think you are finding the right balance for you. And I agree with the responding to comments. With life being what it is I could not respond to all my comments this autumn and boy did it make a difference (though I still feel guilty not doing it which I have to get over).

  2. So many to think about and ponder. I love that you are making this work for you. I'm guessing you'll enjoy it more and it will show. I hope your 2014 if full of great things!

  3. Sounds like a plan to me. I have decided to try and blog once a week, whether that pans out, we shall see.

  4. I agree about how social media has changed the way we blog! But I know many blog followers don't IG so I try to keep that in mind too! As with my sewing, my blogging and IG are becoming slower and more 'thoughtful'. As 'savour' is my word for the year, that's where I'm at!

  5. Love this post! Totally agree, I feel like I get more from reading and commenting on other blogs than spending time replying to emails. I also know I'd rather people read my blog than replied to me so I assume others feel the same. Maybe instead of replying I should just check out their blogs!! I couldn't possibly tweet and facebook and IG. And although I see the appeal I would rather spend time reading peoples experiences than just a picture.

  6. I love the stories that go with the projects and really enjoy your blog and pinterest although inspirational doesn't tell this. I do use Flickr but have yet to venture into ig
    It is all about finding the right balance though isn't it?

  7. Glad to hear your not giving up blogging altogether! I still think it's the best way to keep a 'journal' of work. A picture alone, doesn't always remind you why you made certain design decisions, or alterations to existing patterns. Looking forward to more posts.

  8. You've come up with a good plan after your previous post about blogging & life pressures (which is more than I have!). I hope you will let us know from time to time whether it is working for you as that would be interesting. Have fun with it!

  9. Sounds like a great battle plan for 2014! Very organised. I used to blog mostly craft-related things but not so much these days... Your post gave me a few ideas. Thanks!

  10. Sounds like a great plan ... I'm going to try and blog more ... I forget that not everyone is on Instagram sometimes.

  11. Great mottos. I will find you on Instagram.