Gingerbreadman Ornament | Tutorial {Crochet}

Thursday, 28 November 2013

I love this fat-free little gingerbread man. I was inspired by shocked by the price of this John Lewis version. And I knew I would have to make one, and hopefully make it less costly for me. I did but it would be even more cost effective if I was to make a few others with the same skein.  

To make one I used:
  • some John Lewis Merino blend double knit yarn (shade 213 - I went round the yarn section to match colours)
  • a 4 mm crochet hook
  • bit of contrasting yarn
  • a needle to weave the yarn ends
  • some fiber fill

I used this gingerbread man pattern for the two sides of the ornament. I used the same JL yarn to single crochet both pieces together around the outside. I first left a wide opening to be able to stuff the legs, head and one arm. 

I made the opening smaller to stuff the arm, then I fasten off the brown thread. 

He looks a bit fat, bless him.

For the eyes, I crocheted two black dots with the smallest hook I have (2 mm) and some black lace yarn, making as many double crochet as I could in the round. The white and red threads were stitched around the crochet stitches. And I made two blue 'buttons' with a star pattern. 

I also made a crochet chain for hanging the gingerbread man.

They are easy to make and really cute. You can have one, or make as many as possible. Just in case you wonder about the cost. One ball of JL yarn is in fact £3.00, and you can make 3 or 4 gingerbread men... 


  1. wish I could crochet, he's really cute

  2. This is a really cute ornament Nat - I can just see several of them hanging on the tree!

  3. Oh Nat... just when I thought your holiday tutorials couldn't get any cuter, you shared this gingerbread man! And you really can't beat the price to make them, although I imagine I'd need a few balls of yarn to get it right ;)

  4. Ooh, sweet! And MiH.

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