Birthday beanie hat {Knitting}

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Baby MiH has a very busy social life, he has parties to attend and birthday cakes to eat (although he is more interested in twiglets). I have decided to see the very positive side to these parties - birthday parties for little ones are an opportunity for me to make some handmade presents and try out new patterns and new colour palettes. 

The birthday boy
This beanie hat is based on a pattern from the Phildar Catalogue Layette no 84. It is inFrench, without charts - not helpful, but you can see that it is not that hard to work out - and I did discuss the decrease they are using here. I changed the pattern a bit too, so it does not really look like the very cute picture.

The beanie hat as featured on the book; another colour palette I had in mind

Pattern: Beanie hat pattern found in Phildar catalogue
Yarn: Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in New Fern and Teal
Needles: circular 3.5 mm
Size: one year old, it fits the birthday boy better than Baby MiH. 
I would knit him a size bigger. 
Modifications: I knitted it in the round (cast on 94 stitches), I shorten the stockinette section so it was not as slouchy and no pompom (it did not really work with the style).  

Baby MiH 'forced' to wear the beanie hat for a picture
I am always amazed at how long it takes to knit a baby hat, but it is always fun. I am not sure whether it is the greatest present for a one-year old. Baby MiH would not leave it on his head for more than 20 seconds (hence the scary picture), but the birthday boy does leave it on... 

This is my entry for the knit 12 hats in 1 year challenge - whoohoo, I am back! 

PS: A bit of time ago, I made a how to Sunday on joining when knitting in the round that I found useful for this hat. 


  1. Lovely, I wish we would receive handmade presents, we have a birthday this weekend and I'm sure my little girl will be given all manor of plastic toys!

  2. Knitted hats are SO much better than plastic toys and mass-produced trash!

  3. One year already?! No way! Ack! Too fast. Man he's gorgeous. LOVE his new beanie! Hau oli 'la hanau little one.

  4. I really like your choices of colours here - the blue/green combo is lovely.

  5. What a great hat! I made two baby hats recently for a relative. It's so much fun to knit for babies. :)

  6. Can't believe it's been a year. Enjoy your knitting ; )

  7. Baby MiH is getting so big! I love the colors you used for this new hat. I have not tried combining colors when knitting. Any tips?

  8. fab hat, and your son is ridiculously adorable!

  9. Hope you can enjoy some mum chat and a glass of wine whilst they all suck on twiglets

  10. Looks so fuzzy and cozy! The boy who receives this is one lucky boy.

  11. Wow, the other moms are lucky to have you bringing such beautiful and thoughtful gifts! So, so cute.

  12. ohh they're super cute! It's a good idea to present handmade hats, everybody likes them! :)