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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thanks to Bloglovin I have found it much easier to tidy up my blogroll. Every so often I go through the list, just to make sure I am spending time on blogs I actually love. I don’t necessarily comment on all the blogs I follow, in fact it is quite relaxing to follow blogs just to look at the pictures and be inspired by them.

Of course, I also find new blogs all the time – through other blogs, Pinterest, magazines. And I thought it would be fun if I were to share with you some of the new blogs I will be following.

I want my sewing room to be like this!

Insideways is Jen Bewerse’s lovely blog. It is mainly about home décor and of course covers DIY projects, thrifting, recycling, and a lot of photography tips. I tend to be quite attracted to interior designs blog – which is funny as my house does not feature that much in my blog, and maybe this is something I need to reflect upon.

She has some cute DIY projects that have totally inspired me

Apart from that she is a talented musician. How awesome!

I am a new and keen follower! You can follow Jen’s blog on Bloglovin and instagram.

What blogs have you recently found and be inspired by?

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  1. What a beautiful serene looking home.

  2. It's always fun to find new blogs to follow. I follow quite a few and love how Bloglovin' keeps track of everything and is very user friendly on the phone especially. Glad I found yours. You are terrific. Show more pics of that handsome baby.

  3. I was just thinking it was time for a few new blogs to enter my world :) Must be the change in the seasons ...
    Lovely photos. I'm off to check her out. I love photo tips :)

  4. And then, sometimes you just do want to comment on a post, because you just have to say how amazing their blog is! :)
    I honestly haven't ever targeted do-it-yourself-blogs, but you are now on my bloglovin' -list! xx

  5. I have to agree - some of the blogs I follow with the most interest, I've never actually commented on... to me, reading them feels more like reading a magazine; it's a one-sided experience where the publication gives and I take away, happily :) Based on these photos, Jen must have an amazing blog - I'm always looking for decor inspiration as it doesn't come that naturally to me, so I will have to start reading!

  6. Jen does have some lovely things on her blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Jen does have some lovely things on her blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. How inspiring! I haven't been blopping much so nothing new there for me...