Pompom beanie {knitting}

Monday, 29 July 2013

Here is my July entry for the knit 12 hats in one year. I have decided that everyone should have this hat in their autumn wardrobe - it is a simple but classic design. I love the wide brim and the ribbing. 

It was so simple once knitted that I thought it needed a pompom. I did not have enough of yarn left to make a really chunky pompom. I used different shades of brown yarn to make a stripy pompom. The tutorial is published here. Even Mr MiH agreed that the pompom really added interest to the beanie hat, and usually he has no strong opinion about my knitting...  

Pattern: Mock Rib Watch Cap (free pattern on Ravelry)
Yarn: Cascade Eco-Cloud in Bunny (#1804) bought here
Needles: Circular and DPNs 5.5mm
Modification: Added a pompom. I wrote a tutorial if you want 
to make your own chunky stripy pompom.
Result: A soft beanie hat that fits very well (thanks to the stretchiness 
of the yarn, you don't have to worry too much about the gauge). 

It is easy and quick to knit, you don't have to change the pattern, perfect for a summer knitting project when you are in the middle of a heatwave and the last thing you want to make is a beanie hat. 

So how many of these am I going to make... I am thinking red. Which colour would you choose?


  1. Looks good on you Nat!

    Pink? Green? so many great colours!

  2. I would choose exactly the colour you have used as it's so beautiful...could a completely rubbish knitter even attempt this beanie? I don't really need a beanie here but I do need to beat my nemesis that is knitting!

  3. Cute. Pompon makes it! Love that shade of brown too, great addition to a fall/winter wardrobe!

  4. Lovely. I agree with Annabella - the colour is beautiful. The pompom is perfect too. If I could get away with wearing beanies (without looking like an egg in a hat... the curse of a round face) I would think purple, purple, purple. :)

  5. that is a fab hat! I would no doubt make it in teal, because that seems to be the only colour hat I ever make ;-)

  6. Very nice hat and the pompom is an extra detail that make it even better.

  7. Love it - the pom pom just makes it.
    I'm thinking yellow - but I'm not sure how that'd actually look. How about a different coloured hat and pom pom combo?

  8. That is a splendid beanie. LOVE it. The pom pom is a terrific touch and a great idea.

  9. I love this one just as it is.... Good job you weren't wearing it this time last week!

  10. I Love this Yarn it is soooo soft you can't go wrong making anything out of it. Especially if it touches your skin....

  11. oooops I thought it was Eco Duo but it doesn't matter they are both great Yarns for this oh so easy cap...That is the joy of knitting even after 40+ years is an easy pattern and a great yarn....You know someone will be keeping warm with your effort.....