Decadent Cocktail {Recipe}

Thursday, 27 June 2013

We are having a dinner party over the weekend (whoohoo!), and somehow I moved from focusing on cake to focusing on drinks - even though one of our guests is still breastfeeding, how inappropriate! As inappropriate as getting the drinks with a baby and drinking on my own at lunch time for the sake of a blog post (and I did not enjoy it one bit, nope, nope, nope). 

The decadent is from 'Cook yourself thin'. This is one of my favourite cocktails, it is fresh, sparkling, and not too big - and it fits perfectly in my new glasses. And yes it is super quick to make - no funny shaking or whatever that you are meant to do with a cocktail. 

For one cocktail (4 points in my diet), you will need

  • ice
  • pomegranate (the recipe calls for redcurrants that you cannot find at the moment)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon gin
  • 1 tablespoon elderflower cordial
  • a few splashes of Angostura bitters (I find it in Waitrose)
  • Prosecco (100ml)   

Place the uce and pomegranate into a tumbler. Pour over the gin, elderflower cordial and bitters, then fill the glass with Prosecco. Stir and serve. 

Happy Summer! (as you can see from the lack of sun in these pictures, we are not quite there yet). 


  1. Yum, it looks as good as it sounds! I just need to call a part now...

  2. how convenient - I just happen to have a massive batch of elderflower to use up :-D

  3. Sounds lovely... I love Prosecco.

  4. Though I don't drink, that looks really good!

  5. That looks refreshing with a nice little somethin' somethin'!

  6. How funny! I *just* published about making homemade elderflower cordial/syrup!