In my bag {Homemaker Magazine Review}

Thursday, 2 May 2013

I have bought a lot of crafty magazines - and as I buy them in France and in Britain (and sometimes US imports) it has become quite an expensive habit - crafty magazines are quite expensive. However I have never stuck to one. I used to subscribe to Marie Claire Idees in France, but if I am totally honest it has never been my style and in all the time I have been a subscriber I have only done one the featured patterns. And now there are SO many free tutorials on blogs that it is hard to justify spending so much. 

And then I stumbled upon the Homemaker Magazine. Firstly, Homemaker was a name I had in mind for this blog so we were onto a good start. Secondly I really liked the editing and the fonts of the cover - yes there were geometric shapes, and we know how much I like geometrics. 

There was a minus for the use of pastel - but it was combined with neon - so they redeemed themselves. And inside, it was not too packed with projects - I find it usually overwhelming when there are loads, as in I will never have time to make any of them. What there is inside is a good mix of interviews with hip designers and a wide range of crafts represented - very like my style. 

A whole feature on vintage trunks and suitcases... I already have one, maybe I need more.. I think Mr MiH will veto that idea. 

They even have Sarah Fielke answering quilting questions ...

And now on to the project I will be making.. and yes it is grey!! 

And I also found new blogs that I have followed instantly... 

I am not ready to subscribe yet - I think I need another issue to make sure that I will not get bored. 

Has anyone else read it? What did you think? 


  1. I haven't read it, but I'll look for it next time I'm going to the bookshop.
    Thank you

  2. Great finds like that are always like little treasures found!

  3. I only read online ones as they are ridiculously expensive here or don't exist! This looks a good one - thanks for the review. I like the look of your new grey project :)

  4. I used to buy lots of magazines but, like you, I think there are now so many other sources of inspiration that it is hard to part with my money for magazines! I used to subscribe to the British Prima magazine (mainly for the dressmaking pattern) but they wanted a ridiculous amount to post to France so I stopped it. Here I was initially excited by Marie Claire Idees but that has worn off! So now I'm a "flick througher" in newsagents and supermarkets and buy the odd one! I might have to flick through Homemaker next time I'm in the UK!

  5. It looks very interesting indeed. But I'm not much of a magazine person. I enjoy flipping through one or two but only if there is absolutely nothing else to do (rare). I used to subscribe to IK but after some misunderstanding (my subscription not getting through despite the payment getting through I stopped subscribing. Pinterest keeps be happy enough. :D And I hardly have time for it these days.. :(

  6. Nat, I too am a craft mag lover and it is very hard to justify the purchase these days. I'm glad I'm not the only one... I've never heard of this magazine but I'll see if I find it on my next visit to the big chain crafting store! (Btw, love your bag. Claire Vivier? Excellent taste!)