From bright to crazy {Japanese x and + block}

Monday, 20 May 2013

So I have finally joined a bee - I know this is very unlike me - a project that supposed to last a whole year, a year is a looooonnnngggg time, right? But I could not resist Patti's Japanese x and + bee. I love the pattern (tutorial here), and the end result

Also I knew I did not have in me - or in my stash - to make a whole quilt by myself, hence joining the bee. I have made so far ONE block - and yes we are nearing the end of May and I am supposed to have made 4... Arrrghh.. and no I don't think that ONE block is that good anyway ... double Arrghhh

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Although this block is really interesting to make the cutting is really time consuming. I spent 2 hours on cutting out all the pieces for the 4 blocks. I am just lucky that  Baby MiH has been sleeping for longer periods lately, and that my Mum is arriving tomorrow (Guess who is in charge of napping changing tomorrow...). 

Can you see why this block is challenging me? Is this my colour scheme, nope - where are the neutrals, the greys - oh I am missing them.. I had to dig deep into my stash to find enough bright colours for 4 blocks, and we are only in May! 

I have actually no idea whether this works or not. It should be scrappy and it is, it should be bright and yes it is. And I know it is only one piece to be incorporated into a massive quilt, but I am not sure. What do you think? 

I shall go back to my 'comfort zone' block colour knitting project, and hope that either you will have an answer for me, or that somehow I can handle better this new challenge and be more confident in my choices. 


  1. I understand how you feel. I'm doing the Amitie Bring Me Flowers Qultalong and so far it's not my favourite colours, but I think we have to stick with it for a few more blocks and see how it goes. You really can't tell with just one or two blocks. It's similar to seeing a really big print on a bolt in the fabric store and saying "Oh no, not for me" and then when you have just a tiny bit of it in a quilt block or as trimming on clothing, it looks totally different.
    If you still don't like it when you have say four or five blocks you can start to tone it down then. I think sometimes we over think these things and stop enjoying the process. Hope Baby MIH keeps on sleeping well for you :)

  2. It's different for you but it's a great block.

  3. It's really hard when you get thrown out of your comfort zone and have to do something so against your norm. You have managed to pull it off - it's all the things you said it had to be.

  4. I love your block! It's perfect and bright and pretty.

  5. You can do this! They are fun blocks and anything goes ; )

  6. In looking at the examples, what I note with yours is the + is lost between your two fabrics. Quilt patterns are all about high, medium and low contrast. Contrast is not just color, but values. The two fabrics that make up your + are too close in value. The best way to determine if you are getting the effect you want is to put the block up on the wall and then stand as far back as you can. What "pattern" jumps out at you? Is it the background that stands out, is it the design, is it nothing. All of the fabrics I see in the block are too strong for any of them to be prominent. You need to decide which element of the block you want to be seen and use your strong fabric for it, and then fill in the other pieces with more neutral pieces. A red cellophane piece can help you to determine the value of your fabric. It eliminates the color and just lets the light, medium, dark value come through.

  7. It's definitely bright and colorful--that's for sure. It is so hard to step out of your comfort zone, isnt' it? If I were to offer a suggestion for the next one it would be to pick fabrics that either flow together better or contrast more strongly for the outer pieces of the +. I see Chrisknits above me suggested the same in a much more eloquent way. But I don't think this one is bad at all...

  8. My closet is full of neutrals and if ther is color, just solids and no prints so your guess is as good as mine. I am sure you will figure it out.