Bits & Pieces Jars {DIY}

Monday, 13 May 2013

This is probably the easiest DIY ever. I found a couple of jars in a charity shop (we do have a lot of those where I live) - managed to get them for a reduced price (and subsequently felt bad as I am not sure you should be bargaining at charity shops); bought chalkboard spray paint; sprayed; let it dry (easier when it is a sunny day); et voila! 

I was very happy to see these two jars in the window of the charity shop - I was even happier to get the two for £5.00. Because they were already black, it was easy to visualise that they would be perfect for some chalkboard paint spraying. 

This is a DIY project I have wanted to try for a while - especially as I have my eye on 'making' this little piggy bank, so I needed a project to experiment with. And yes it is really easy - remember though thin coats. HOWEVER I tried to spray paint half a mug (trying to go for a Pantone look) and that did not go well at all... So it seems to be easier if your are spraying a whole area  - or it is my masking tape that let me down (or me putting the masking tape). 

Now I have more jars to put ribbons, buttons, pins etc. But also as I am not too fussed about finding the same shape of jars, I can have 'matching' chalkboard jars in my sewing room.. 


  1. Very cool project! I had to check out the piggy banks - they are so cute (especially the one with the little tail...)

  2. You are giving Kirsty Allsop a run for her money - great little project!

  3. Love. Going to have to make me some of these beauties! Fab idea!

  4. I love that idea. You are brilliant!

  5. How interesting! Where did you find the chalkboard spray paint?

    1. I found it in our local DIY shop in the spray paint section (Homebase for UK peeps)

  6. Great project! The look fantastic

  7. Very fun! I want to make a chalkboard out of a frame for my kitchen so I can write down the menu for each week.