MiH and The international dimension

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I love blogging.. I love sharing my projects, receiving feedback and learning from other bloggers. But what I especially love is receiving 'surprise' items for my home from other bloggers - especially when they are as talented as Jess and Annabella

I am sure both will tell you much more about their makes, the fabric they chose etc... Baby MiH and I decided that our role was to admire them. 

Is it a picture? Baby MiH is slightly taken by it all
I love how the sashiko quilting is fading in places - adds an interesting effect to the front. 

This one is adding some (needed) colour in our spare bedroom
I really need to learn how to make one of these zips!  

Annabella's table runner is just amazing. The quilting - that I tried to capture rather unsuccessfully - is making it very special. And I love the colour palette (brown and blue is actually the colours of our main room - perfect). 

Thank you so much ladies! You made my day, but also made blogging totally worth it! 

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  1. Look at Baby MIH lifting his head up! The first picture is adorable as is the cushion...Sashiko is on my bucket list too. Thank you for the kind words Nat - I was hoping to post today but got sidelined - it was tricky to photograph the runner actually but I shall show a couple of the quilting :)

  2. What beautiful pillows for your home from others who love you.

  3. Oooh and the typewriters! Lucky lucky lucky you. It is all so lovely and thoughtful. What fun to receive happy mail!!!

  4. I'm so glad you like it Nat - it looks fab in your spare room! And that table runner is gorgeous! The zip is via a tutorial on sew mama sew - so easy, but effective I think!

  5. How lovely! Blogging is such a connecting activity. I talk to so many interesting people from all over the world via my blog, it has changed my life.

  6. I can imagine baby MiH is taken by the sashiko pillow. You have lovely friends who can make beautiful pillows.

  7. Lovely gifts for someone who is equally lovely and deserves them totally.