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Monday, 18 March 2013

What a week! There was snow, sunshine, wind - that totally gave you a facelift whilst skiing down the slope, food - a lot of food, and just a lot of fun! And now we are back - Baby MiH is recovering the posing and the smiling... 

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I have to catch up with your posts and news - the biggest one being the end of Google Reader.. So it seems that I need to claim my blog on Bloglovin'. So here is the link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

You may have noticed that you can import your reading list on Bloglovin' and also on Feedly - not sure which one I like best at the moment. 

And secondly, thank you so much for welcoming Le Challenge (75 followers in one week!)! I am glad the first theme was such as hit, I am looking forward to seeing all your creations - and better get started with my own project! And thanks also for those who blogged about it!


  1. woohoo welcome back :)
    Fabulous pictures! X

  2. Welcome home - it looks like you had an amazing time. So envious of the yummy food and is that a yurt (sp?)?

  3. What a lovely holiday you, the husband, and baby took. Good for you on getting out there, soaking up some vitamin D, and getting some whizzing air in your hair.

  4. I don't understand any of this blog lovin stuff. It won't even let me use my own e-mail. Hope my blog doesn't disappear!

  5. Welcome back! And woohoo -75 followers is fabulous!

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Am very jealous of the snow and sunshine

  7. I need to catch up on the blog-reading. The trip looks so fun! Is that a mongolian yurt/ger in one of the pictures?!