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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I have been nominated by a few bloggers and I am really sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I was waiting for my 100th post (which is the last post)... It is a bit of landmark for a blog. 

So thank you Alicia, Adrianne, Natalie and Celine

Here are 11 random things about me!

1. I am very good at de-cluttering. I used to be able to fit my life in my Peugeot 106, and loved it. I only bought 'proper' furniture when I was 30.
2. I don't have pets but would love to have a dog. 
3. I love spending time in libraries -slightly difficult with a baby now
4. I only started living with my husband when we got married - not by choice, but it made mariage more special. 
5. I used to speak quite good German but that was a bit of time ago now. 
6. I love my camera - but don't feel I know how to use it properly still.
7. I have too many several email addresses (6 I think)
8. I got married in the Church my great-parents got married in (not the same priest)
10. I am addicted to Gossip Girl (perfect for long feeds)
11. I worked in Vietnam for 3 months - as a summer intern

Here are 11 questions I picked from all of those asked,

1. Where do you dream of living one day?
I love living near London, but would love to be an expat again. 

2. What is your favourite book?
It is between the Harry Potter books or Twilight - not sure I can decide. Just started Beautiful creatures, it may start a new addiction.

3. Black or milk chocolate?
Milk chocolate any time. 

4. Who is your favourite famous person? 
Aung San  Suu Kyi 

5. What is your favourite colour?

6. What would be your dream holiday? 
Our honeymoon was pretty much a dream holiday so I am hoping for more of those

7. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten? 
I suppose snails and frog legs - but that is not really weird for me

8. Do you have a hobby room or craft on your kitchen table?
It happens to be both at the moment. The nursery is also my sewing room, and I expanded on the dining table so that I can make crafty things in the evenings. 

9. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting a community of like-minded people, and making me finish projects. 

10. What is the weirdest search terms for your blog?
Squirrel cross stitch - because I never cross-stitched a squirrel

11. What would be your karaoke song?
Any French 80s tune would do, as Baby MiH knows too well. 

Most of the blogs I follow have already been nominated for awards unfortunately. But if you have not, I nominate you and answer the 11 questions I have replied to! 


  1. I love Vietnam! Three months there must have been brilliant. And the food! Heaven.

  2. Great to learn some more about you Nat. Congrats on your perfect 100 followers!

  3. It was fun to read about you! Congrats.

    1. I'm a Twi-fan too and love Harry Potter. I have been addicted to listening to the audiobooks for the HP series. If you want to read an adult Twilight, read Deborah Harkness's The Discovery of Witches.