Vintage Concertina Hanger {thrifted and updated}

Monday, 19 November 2012

A little while ago we bought a vintage wooden concertina hanger at a French flea market, and it has been in a drawer until recently. It was supposed to go into the bathroom but it is really too small. However it is not too small for Baby MiH's room, that really needs splashes of colours now. We had a plan, clean the hanger, repaint some bits and varnish it - oh and thoroughly clean the rusty screws and washers. And we would have a very funky hanger.

So not exactly upcycling but cleaning and updating the hanger.

So you will need:
- A vintage concertina coat hanger (from Etsy, Ebay or flea market)
- Rust remover solution
- A pot of primer, and different paints (go for paint testers, you do not need that many)
- Some masking tape (depending on the effect you want)
- Optional: a varnish spray

Forgot to take a picture of our original one so here is one I found on Etsy 
So we had to mark down all the different bits and pieces, and how they fitted together (take a few pictures to make sure you put it back in the right order). 

The rusty screws and washers were removed and  the parts were cleaned (I used wipes to get rid of the dust and the blackness of some bits, Mr MiH removed a layer of orangey varnish by scraping it out with scissors). I used the masking tape to make the pattern.

We left the screws and washers in some HG rust remover solution that worked overnight.

Started painted all the little bits and pieces (we used a primer first, and then two coats of paint) - the drying is the tricky bit.

And one purple one finished - although a bit too mat a finish for out taste. So we bought a varnish spray (Plastic-Kote Projekt Spray - Fast Dry Enamel), and sprayed the whole structure and left it to dry in the afternoon and overnight.

 A new cool hanger for the little one's towels.

All I need is Mr MiH to put it up!


  1. I really like how your brought new life to this object. Seriously, your baby is going to have a very fun but sophisticated room!

  2. It is so cute perfet for a baby's room.

  3. So sweet! The wooden knobs? pegs? look like painted skittles. Very fun!

  4. Oh I love it...i thought for a moment that you got rid of all the colour pegs......Love it when you find these great little finds!

  5. What a great and cute idea as seriously, I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old - kids are expensive.