Making baubles {Patterns Review}

Thursday, 29 November 2012

I mentioned a week ago that I was knitting a Christmas bauble. Well it seems that once you start making one, you cannot stop, and I have now 6 baubles, and more yarn has been ordered - I am on a roll! I have tried different techniques, knitting of course, but crochet and using felted fabric as well. So here is a review of some patterns you may want to try out yourself. 

Knitted bauble based on Arne and Carlos book
I finished the knitted bauble. It did take a couple of days just focusing on it. I am happy with the result in the end, but I am not sure how many I will make. They are also quite big (10 cm in diameter). 

 Pattern: From 55 Christmas Balls to Knit, by Arne and Carlos
Yarn: SIRDAR Country Style, Wool Blend DK (40% nylon, 30% wool, 30% acrylic)
Needle size: 4mm DPNs 
Modification: only changed the knitting method, using 3 DPNs and markers rather than 4
Final dimension: 10 cm ball
Result: A big Christmas ball - so you have something to show for your hard work, but need to concentrate. It is a no TV, but needing many cups of tea and chocolate sort of pattern. 

Crochet ball - inspired by this pinterest picture
The colours are not exactly Christmas-y but it is for Baby MiH's room, but can easily be adapted for Christmas decoration. This is my favourite ball. It is easy to make and it really looks good for the amount of effort put into it. Just to be aware, This is again quite a big ball because I used some chunky yarn (calling for 6.5mm needle size), if you use a yarn that calls for 4mm hook it is much smaller (in fact tiny). 

 Pattern: Free on this blog
Yarn: WENDY luxury cotton chunky yarn (it is sturdy and shiny and really works well for this pattern)
Hook size: 4mm 
Modification: none except adding the beading
Final dimension: 9 cm ball
Result: A big really nice bauble that is easy to make - one cup of tea, one episode of Homeland, and did not have time for a biscuit. Beware you may get addicted to making them. 

Crochet Xmas ornament found on Attic 24
Not exactly a bauble, but as you need to stuff it too with polyester I thought it should feature in this post. It is quite a small one, perfect for Christmas trees - although the colour scheme I chose may be a bit too dark - so may have to revisit for the next one. These are easy to make, and look a bit different - they are perfect for all these tiny balls of leftover yarn you have in your stash. 

 Pattern: Free on Attic 24 blog
Yarn:  SIRDAR Country Style, Wool Blend DK (40% nylon, 30% wool, 30% acrylic)
Hook size: 4mm 
Modification: none on the pattern, but added only one bead
Final dimension: around 5 cm
Result: Takes half an hour and makes quite a different style ornament for the tree. Need to think a bit harder about the colour scheme so it does not look too dark. 

Finally a bit sewing and using felted fabric. This is my least favourite one, when I expected it to be the one I would like best. But I believe that this is down to the preparation rather than the concept. I made the felted circles too big (10 cm) and let's be honest I could have done a better job at making them round. I should have been more careful at where I was sewing the wings together. 

Pattern: cut out 6 circles of the same size. Sew them together in the middle so it holds as one bauble. Sew the wings two by two in the middle, and two by two at the bottom and the top of the bauble. 
Result: Will remake mine as I think it could really look much nicer. 

Here we are a few options for homemade Christmas decorations. Let me know if you are making any of these, I would love to know what you think too!


  1. I am so impressed by your knitting skills!

  2. Lovely assortment! That top one is gorgeous!

  3. You are really on a roll with these baubles. Each one is great! I loved your honesty on every pattern.

  4. I made one like you did at the bottom and it took me forever to sew all those stupid beads on. I think I had more circles involved, but still, for the work involved I was not doing it again. My favourite is the knitted one you did. And the crochet one in the baby's room with the beads looks brilliant.

  5. Interesting baubles - looks addictive once you've started one!

  6. You are very talented. I think I like your knitted bauble best. I wish I had the patience for knitting.